The Blogs and Podcasts that I Currently Subscribe To (and Why)

The Blogs and Podcasts that I Currently Subscribe To (and Why) post image

I hope this list will help you find some new blogs and podcasts to follow. If you’ve got the time, I’d love to see a post like this on your blog. Not bullshit shout outs, or niche appropriate recommendations, but an actual look inside your Google reader. I’d also love to receive any personal recommendations you have for me.

I omitted a lot of blogs from this list. Here are the reasons I left blogs out.

  • Your blog hasn’t been updated in 4 weeks. Sorry to Alan Perlman, David Crandall, Adam Baker, Cody McKibben, et all! What are you guys up to?! :)
  • I follow you because you are my friend and you write about personal stuff or things unrelated to travel and business.
  • You write about awesome stuff like sex, gender politics, pure philosophy, smart drugs, or anything remotely naughty. I don’t want to bother offending people. I’ll save that stuff for the DC.
  • I follow your blog purely because you are a DCer or are in one of my niches.
  • You tweet so effectively that I haven’t bothered to pick up your RSS feed yet.
  • I’m on your email list and you aren’t in my reader (hey Laura Roeder and Corbett!)
  • You write an SEO or tech news blog. I’ve got a folder full of these that rarely get checked anymore.

The order of these blogs is the same order they show up in my Google reader. There isn’t any methodology here as far as I can see.

*  *  *


Steve Pavlina – Personal Development for Smart People

Paul Graham – Essays

  • WHY: Y-Combinator founder is the total package. Paul has few peers as an entrepreneur, investor, and essayist.
  • READ: “How to Make Wealth” – Experiments in Refractored Perception

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week Blog

  • WHY: Keepin’ tabs on the Godfather. Among entrepreneurial types, 4HWW is one of the most underrated books in talk (not in action). 4HWW changed the game forever. Take all the hype and blogsphere BS away, and it stands as one of the top 3 business books of the last 10 years.
  • READ: “The Not To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now”

Tynan – Life Outside the Box

Corbett Barr

Garaphernalia 6.0 – Gary Arnt’s Personal Blog

Jet Set Citizen – John Bardos

Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Non-Conformity

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Blog

Seth’s Blog

Fluent in 3 Months – Benny Lewis

Location180 – Sean Ogle

Chris Ducker – Virtual Business Lifestyle

Salty Droid – “You Can’t Make Money Online”

Deano’s Travels

Karol Gajda – Ridiculously Extraordinary

Ryan Holiday

  • WHY: Smart guy, unique perspective, great books.
  • READ: “Pain”

Viper Chill – Viral Marketing with Glen Allsopp

Sebastian Marshall – Strategy, Philosophy, Self-Discipline, Science, Victory.

Software By Rob – Rob Walling’s Blog

Sovereign Man – Simon Black’s Blog

Wandering Earl

Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster

Derek Sivers

MicoISV on a Shoestring – Kalzemues (Patio11’s Blog)

Nerdy Nomad – Kristi Henderson

Riding the Waves of Personal Development – Srini Rao

ZenHabits – Leo Babauta

Adsense Flippers – Joe and Justin

Joel Runyon – Blog of Impossible Things

Ben Casnocha – Entrepreneurship, Books, Current Events, Intellectual Life

Mike Michelini’s Personal Blog

Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg

Sam Harris

Lifestyle Business Design – John Paul Grant and Matt Canty – Lewis Quartey, TMBA Alum and Ecommerce Consultant

Live – Derek Johanson

Ryan Goes Abroad 

Study Hacks – Cal Newport 

Finch Blogs – “Lifestyle Design for Online Entrepreneurs”

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Ophelia’s Web – Elisa Doucettte

On the Spiral – “Exploring the Adjacent Possible”

Niche Pursuits – Specer Haws

Nerd Fitness – Steve Kamb

The Bulletproof Executive – Dave Asprey

Nate Damm

Mr. Money Mustache

Minimum WIFI

  • WHY: At the top of the page, there is a photo of a laptop, and a palm tree. “Minimum WIFI.” Not much content but I love the idea.
  • READ: “November 2011 Earnings Report”

New Rules – Kevin Kelly

*  *  *



The Adam Carolla Show

  • WHY: Funny and insightful, Adam master of improvisation and is taking on Howard Stern’s torch as the world’s best radio host.
  • LISTEN: “Dr. Bruce

Start-ups For the Rest of Us

  • WHY: This show is so hot right now! I love listening to Rob and Mike talk shop. Bootstrapping entrepreneurial goodness.
  • LISTEN: “TechZing for the Rest of Us”

Foolish Adventure

Internet Business Mastery

This Week in Start-ups

The Partially Examined Life

Philosophy Bites

The Joe Rogan Experience

NPR: Fresh Air

Jet Set Money Show


Freakanomics Radio

This American Life

  • WHY: Radio at it’s best. Hear fascinating stories from everyday Americans.
  • LISTEN: “Middle School”


What am I missing? Do you have some suggestions for me? I’m looking forward to checking them out.



Published on 12.07.11
  • Dan


  • Dan

    cheers man, just read your income report this month, great stuff! looking forward to following along with your progress. 

  • Justin Miramontes

    Nice! Yyyyyyup! I’ll be here :)

  • JustinWCooke

    Everyone I know/respect mentions Glen and ViperChill…I really have to get over there and start reading some posts, I think!

    Thanks for the mention Dan!

  • Seth

    Thanks Dan.  As one of the Partially Examined Life guys, we appreciate the mention.  I’m glad you are onto Philosophy Bites and I second Matsumoto-san’s recommendation of the Philosopher’s Zone.  Peter Adamson at King’s College in London has a History of Philosophy podcast “without any gaps” (  Episode 59 and he’s already up to Epicureanism ;)

    I can also recommend Little Atoms (, which is a radio show in the UK re-posted as a podcast (quality is heavily dependent on topic/guest) or, if you can stand more long format stuff, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. (

  • Dan

    wow thanks Seth! I’m all over this stuff. Cheers. As we say in central Pennsylvania, you guys are doing the Lord’s work :)

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  • Lots of travel blogs listed there! All offering something a bit different.

  • Simon Brown

    Hello, this is Simon Brown,

    I’m the Austin Powers dude that thinks he’s James Bond, telling you to get Mongolian bank accounts, Singapore passports and go on the prowl in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Remember me? :)

    I just completed a series of meetings with my partners and then had dinner in some exclusive restaurant with some international bankers and successful young entrepreneurs full of dynamism. We were discussing about planting-flags, putting-boots-on-the-ground-and-opening-bank-accounts about everywhere.

    After all, my purpose is not to deliver actual useful information but to „play the white man“ (although I’m just a swarthy Med type) in all those developping countries and feel good about myself. I’d also need you to believe that you need such an adventurer as my own self to „put boots on the ground“ (yeah!!) to find such priceless information as the local weather, food and drink, basic market analysis, interest rates or GDP growth numbers.

    The cynicals will probably point out that international travel and landing anywhere in the world is not half the adventure it was only 30 years ago with no internet, no smartphones, no internet forums and online guides that already explain it all for you, no discount airlines, no English commonly spoken, no ATMs and international franchises in every corner. But at least I want the few rednecks in Texas who want to relocate their ranch to Costa Rica to think so and then subscribe to my overpriced website. So please STFU.

    You’ve probably realized by now that most of my articles are pretty empty of actual content and may be wondering what then is the source of my excitment and enthusiasm over all this „international travel“ thing and what is so much better than in Gringoland? That’s right. You’ve guessed it: it’s so much easier over there with all those chicas, cheap Slavic women and Asian girls than with the women back home! But shhhhht…! ;) People may mistake me for the self-serving creep I am.

    Personally, even though my international businesses are all doing so great, it always feels exhilarating when I can save a couple hundred dollars on medical treatment in Bangkok or Mumbai, get a steak for half-price in Uruguay, or pay 3$ for a noodle soup in Vietnam. But I have such huge affective and validation needs, understand it’s not only about the price but mostly about the bragging :) .

    Yesderday I was in Moscow but had to leave in a hurry because I was trying to dine-with-international-bankers-and-successful-young-entrepreneurs-about-planting-flags-and-putting-boots-everywhere-like-a-headless-chicken, but then they all told me they really didn’t like my cheeky mug and shitty advice at all and were probably getting some guys to kick my loud-mouthed huckster’s ass… By the way, Aeroflot is such a huge discount, I’m sure you didn’t know that one also, eh?

    Now, want to join my exclusive club of internationally-minded-successful-business people? We’re fishing tuna in Panama or sardine in Portugal this week-end, patting each other in the back with my partners of the Atlas 400 club (for sure, an exciting activity, totally unlike fishing salmon in Alaska, where even the fish probably has RFID chips) and some international-bankers-and-successful-young-entrepreneurs-full-of-dynamism. We will be discussing about planting-flags and putting-boots-on-the-ground…

    I had to filter the comments on my blog because more and more readers were poking fun at me and astutely exposing how full of shit I am. But comments are still allowed for now on Business Insider and I’ve become a laughing stock over there. I think I have to speak with my oh-so-good-friend the owner of Business Insider (I need friends so bad…) in order to put an end to this… That will probably be another good pretex to have one more „important meeting“ and make some „exhausting negociations“ over a rooftop dinner in Hong Kong… I’ll keep you updated on how it turns out.

    Until next time,
    Simon Brown, International Smartass & Sovereign Creep

  • Dan

    Fair enough, funny stuff. I met SB and the guy is the real deal, some people have huge vested interests in internationalization and they care about content like that. Good news for people who don’t like it is there is plenty of other stuff out there.

    Projecting what you do can come across as bragging to some people and to others it can be like a lifeline to find similar minds/interests.

  • Nice list! Try Scott Britton’s blog too. Startup Biz Dev, self-improvement and productivity based —

  • Dan

    cheers thanks for the tip

  • No Best blog on the entire internet… :)

  • Dan

    haha added!

  • related..would love to get your feedback on something if you’d be willing to take a look at something that is a work-in-progress?

  • mony1
  • Wow, Dream Thailand i really love it :D

  • Sophiek7

    Also bulletproof is still just pushing his $40 coffee when the real benefit is from modafinil which you can just buy from for a couple of bucks. I’m not saying Dave is pushing snake oil but the majority of the cognitive benefits are from the modafinil he’s religously popping not his coffee and supplements.

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