TMBA 057 (LBP57) – The Case Against Flying Solo

TMBA 057 (LBP57) – The Case Against Flying Solo post image

Today, Dan and Ian compare going solo to hiring people and building a team. Almost everybody in the “lifestyle business” niche thinks that not having a team is the road to more freedom, less hassle, location independence or a “4 hour work week”. Dan and Ian’s case is the exact opposite: having a team and hiring people gives you more freedom (and also increases your chances of success) than flying solo.

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Published on 03.08.11
  • Quick suggestion, make all your links open a new tab IE: Target=”_blank”, otherwise your leading people away from your site. can’t wait to listen to the new podcast today on my walk…!

  • Damian Thompson

    Loved the podcast and this is something I have been talking about and actually putting plans into motion.

    The difference between being self-employed (solopreneur) and owning a business is what happens when you are “hit by the bus”. Is your business still generating revenue while you heal up, or does cash-flow stop?

  • This one really resinated with me. Since my brother retired my business is not been anywhere near as fun, profitable or productive, totally agree with every word… and as for having a team……. “having a team is what realizes the dream”

  • Not a fan of Jay Sean huh? – Loved the “fake it to you make it” call out. Made me laugh.

    p.s. Thanks for the tag call-out David :)
    p.p.s. Who won at mini-golf?

  • Great coincidence…Izzy and I have an upcoming show on partners. Just to let you know, Izzy and I formed our partnership at Starbucks. Had it not been for a chance encounter at a Starbucks we wouldn’t have ended up creating Foolish, LLC.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha that’s awesome. So much for me knowing what I’m talking about!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for that Jamie.

  • Anonymous

    me. like a boss.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I just got hit by the bus of Manila. Let’s see if I can keep my head down and get some work done. :)

  • Anonymous

    Good one we’ll hook that up.

  • There’s always some nut who’s an exception to the rule!

  • I read a couple of UX articles a couple weeks back saying it was bad to set the default to open in another window. For good UX design we should leave the choice in the hands of the user.

    I’ve never gotten a comment from a user saying to stop opening links in another window, but I have received dozens of emails and comments saying I should make my links default to another window that way they don’t have to do the extra step.

  • Ian

    I think that’s called luck.. wow. I’ve learned this lesson twice now. I used to have a party joke where I told people I met my girlfriend on the internet. That one worked until about 2010. Note to retire the Starbucks partnership joke too.

  • Dan & Ian,
    Can you do an episode about setting up a corporation in the Philippines? Didn’t you say somewhere that you did a partnership recently & it cost $30k to set up? Is this typical? Sounds like an info-product to me!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah buddy! We’ll do something for in the coming months…. there’s a broad range of options, and it’s pretty complicated. But yeah for an outright corporation you need to capitalize it to the tune of 25K or thereabouts.

  • good episode. My most successful projects have come from working with others. Either with having a partner who had more experience than me in an industry but needed someone with more technical and internet marketing knowledge or from outsourcing to several workers in the Philippines.

    My advice for the former is do whatever you can to find someone you can trust and get along well with. This obviously takes time but is worth it in the long run. And for the latter, trying to keep the same worker(s) over various projects, (even if needing to train them on a specific task), rather than hiring someone new for each project. Once you can find someone you can trust, has a quick learning curve, and gets it done right the first time, you are all set :)

  • Anonymous

    Agree with that Nandrin. It’s the attitude over aptitude thing as well. Once you got the relationship fundamental of trust down, you are good to go. You’ve got years to build skills or shape your organization to amplify the skill-strengths of the partners.

  • What up?! (again..)
    I may end up with a record for posting comments today, depending on how many podcasts I get through!

    I just hired a FT person (programming/coding), a PT VA (eventually will be FT) and a copywriter for an upcoming product launch! Can’t say that I would recommend doing so many hires at once- but it just sort of worked out that way. The first couple of days were a little hairy (coordinating things)- but already have a premium plugin out of the deal to sell! WOO HOO!
    And the VA has been a GOD SEND! Taking some of the crap I don’t want to deal with (and is hardly the best use of my time)- did wonders for how I felt over all!
    Kind of wish I had done this sooner! Oh well… live and learn!

    Just downloaded the HDR pro too!

  • Anonymous

    Kim so awesome to see you took the plunge there, I’m glad it worked out for you. Well done on the Plugin perhaps you can call the show and pimp it out??

    Glad you have you back in the game :D

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