TMBA 350: A Discussion About The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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Today’s guest is one of Dan and Ian‘s all time favorite writers, Mark Manson.

Many of you may know him from his blog at, where he has written about a wide range of subjects including digital nomadism, living with anxiety, and toxic relationships. Recently, Mark made the decision to sign with Harper Collins and publish his first book, titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Mark is going to be sharing a few excerpts from that book on this show, as well as talking about how he got into blogging, his values as a writer, what he thinks the state of the blogosphere is today, and much more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Who we believe are some of the pioneers of blogging. (2:50)
  • Why Mark decided to start his first blog. (5:09)
  • What kind of superhero Mark thinks the world needs. (14:42)
  • Why great writing should come before anything else. (22:18)
  • Why Mark chose to work with Harper Collins on his new book. (29:43)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 08.18.16
  • DB

    The “Suble” Art?

  • thanks for the pick up!!! perhaps we got a little too gung-ho on the not giving a fuck part! :P

  • Great conversation! I especially enjoyed the rationale of the publisher vs. self-publishing decision, and walking the line between giving insightful advice yet not being a formulaic guru. Definitely interested in reading more political/cultural pieces from Mark.

  • thanks! agree, I think before talking with Mark I assumed going traditional would mean hosts of compromises and lots of stress with less benefit, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way for him so far. part of that might be that he walked into the deal with a lot of leverage since he was a very successful self-published author in the first place. from that perspective, makes sense to cut a good deal and test a new channel.

  • Great hearing Mark’s voice again. I met Mark at the speakers dinner Dan that you hosted for us at DCBER. Seems like eons ago now.

    I can relate to the tension Mark may have felt to select a major publisher as opposed to self-publishing. In my own experience, I’ve found where “group think” can start to drown out open mindedness. As a card carrying member of the bootstrappers community, I began to look down upon those start-ups who raised private equity or venture capital.

    That was until I sold my business to an entrepreneur who was committed to taking some of my ideas, melding them with his vision and then charging forward to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry. You can’t possibly hope to change the trajectory of a major market by bootstrapping. I learned an amazing amount about perserverence and grit by bootstrapping but to accomplish the big goals we have now, we needed to change our approach. It seems that’s Mark had to go through a similar thought process and was forced to re-examine some previously held beliefs to select a major publisher.

  • it internet years, it was! :)

    good to hear you enjoyed the episode Cam and that things are going well!

  • Whitney

    Ugh I need help, I just got my guitar a couple days ago and I’m so bad and idk what I’m doing :(

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