TMBA 072 (LBP 72) – 4 Things You Don’t Know About Hiring

TMBA 072 (LBP 72) – 4 Things You Don’t Know About Hiring post image

This week, Dan and Ian answer a bunch of listener questions. Topics include

  • An in depth discussion on hiring (including: how to delegate, how to find cheap talent, …)
  • Trade show hacks that Dan and Ian use (hustling involved)
  • How Dan and Ian first got started when they founded their business 4 years ago

The quick tips section features Rob Walling’s (from Startups For the Rest of Us) top 3 sticky apps of 2011.

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Ridin Dirty

Published on 09.15.11
  • Ok, here is my question re. delegation taking your creative energy. Doesn’t inspiration take the same creative energy from you?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for inspiration as a management strategy, but it can take just as much if not more creative juice, no?

  • Dan

    Inspiring people is something you can do by giving them a ring, sharing your ideas, sharing your vision over a Skype call or a coffee, or while in the office, writing them a weekly email talking about company updates– delegation is something that tends to happen much more often, and is more difficult, IMO, to do while you are in chil mode. 

    Essentially– I am talking about defining tasks. Definition is something that I find creatively draining. Waxing philosophic does the opposite for me– it gives me energy. 

    I don’t want to wake up in the mornings and define stuff for my team. I want them to do it for themselves and deliver it to me so I can make judgements. Every now and then I’m pop out a “do this” type of email….. 

    I’m not committed to this stuff, depends a lot on your personal style. Delegation has never worked for me except with much larger projects (not tasks).

  • I think it might be a semantic issue for me, as I am a big fan of delegation… delegating authority. 

    Inspire a person, get them on board with the big vision, and then delegate them an area of responsibility. How they achieve it, I frankly don’t care. So I don’t think you are opposed to delegation, but instead you are opposed to task management versus results management.

    Just my 2 cents mate… great podcast.


    PS. Ahem, ahem, there might be a new 5star rating in itunes for you…

  • Dan

    Boss socks! Thanks for that! Yeah that makes sense: I’m thinking of delegation of tasks in the GTD sense and like many people approach VAs. I think in the way you are using it, we are in lock step.

  • I know a promotional product company up here in Maine that hires a magician to hustle the floor at trade shows. Goes around doing sleight of hand tricks with attendees. They are all “Ooh, look, a magician” and he then chauffeurs them over to the booth. Easily tripled his trade show sales.

  • Dan

    Now that’s what I”m talking about– low investment, high results. It’s insane how many rice-cracker sales people are sent to staff 25K booths at these affairs. For us small biz entrepreneurs, not being able to do it makes us look smart for having not done it :D

  • OK so I’ve not listened yet, but had to share I just invoiced for $400! My biggest ever invoice! :) Oh and the cold calls, so far no sales from them but still plugging away

  • Ian

    There is a reason you don’t see guys that look like me and girls that look like you standing next to automobiles at car shows…..this stuff is a science.  I also like it when they have live demonstrations cutting and polishing at the expos. 

  • Ian

    Melissa, let me be the first to say CONGRATS!  That is incredible.  The few, the proud, the unemployable, the entrepreneur…  Cold calls take forever to come together sometimes, don’t quit they will pay off big time.  No substitute for personal connections.

  • Dan

    LIKE A BOSS!!!

  • Haha, well you are right, I’m definitely not the girl standing beside the automobiles at car shows! But yes, the demonstration and interactive/engaging booths are always more popular than the “please take our info” passive booths.

    Always.  :)

  • Ian

    Nooooo. What I was saying was ugly guys like me are NOT next to the cars, girls that look like you are! Sheesh.

  • Dan

    Knock it off you two! 

  • Ohhhh! Well thanks, and stop being silly! Badass moto-cross racers always have a place at car shows. Duh!  ;)

  • Thanks Ian! :) Will keep at it that’s for sure!

  • Haven’t listened to the podcast just yet but have to say….I loves me some old school racing cars!! Nice selection of automobile goodness (@_@)

  • Dan

    Cheers! :D

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