TMBA 191 (TTR34) – A Roadmap (with Case Study) For Replacing Your Salary in Less Than 6 Months

TMBA 191 (TTR34) – A Roadmap (with Case Study) For Replacing Your Salary in Less Than 6 Months post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published  Friday afternoons (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. This week Dan talks to me! Ben Krueger from Authority Engine on bootstrapping a client service business, in this case, a podcast editing service which includes writing show notes (hence the first person). Tune in to hear some golden nuggets on why this model can be really effective for getting started as an entrepreneur.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • How sitting down for 12 hours and writing out a sales letter for your service can crystallize the value you offer.
  • Why solving problems is better than having ideas, and the best way to uncover the problems.
  • How your services will evolve over time depending on what your clients value most.
  • Integrating SOPs into your service business and how that can open up doors for growth.

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Published on 05.31.13
  • Justin

    Ben Krueger, Congrats Man! Literally, just yesterday I was looking up your site to see how things have gone for you. I remember a couple of months ago it was just a Google doc page, if I remember correctly. Thanks for inspiration and keep up the work. I hope you continue to grow. Let’s see if you can hit 6 figures in a year!

    Dan or Ben, what other problems or issues do you have or others have mentioned that you wish someone would do for you?

  • Dan

    Hey Justin that’s true AE has come so far in just a few short months… part of that is the power of focus…

    There is this trend which Ben and John from drop dead copy are leveraging which is the rapid proliferation of successful and sustainable online businesses, they have unique needs. So the more standard and fundamental, the better in my view:

    CRM and sales funnel generation and execution.






    Auditing / Competition reports



    Multi-media sales.

    I could go on!!!

  • Good stuff, love me some TTR.

    Great job Ben! The reason I started and stopped my podcast was it was just such a pain in the ass to go from “record” to “publish”. I can talk for days (as everyone knows) but the editing was such a pain in the ass I put it in the too hard pile.

    Color me ready now. Reach out to a brother.

  • James

    Awesome stuff.

    Nice work Ben!

    Dan, we are tackling the content/copywriting side and can barely keep up. Trying to balance the marketing/capacity seesaw as Mr Schramko eloquently describes it.

    Productising our services as much as we could has been awesome for clarifying the value to customers and having mostly recurring products is a game changer.

    If I hadnt listened to you for the past 18 months I wouldnt be on this path.
    Thank you isn’t enough.

  • justin

    Thanks Dan. Time to brainstorm an MVP.

  • Great stuff Dan,

    I am working the freelance writer angle/ building niche sites on the side and within 6 months I have made it viable enough to move to Asia. The Tropical MBA, LBP and DC helped me out big time and got my ass in gear!

  • Dan

    YESSSSSIRRR! Rock on…

  • Dan

    Cheers James I appreciate that!!! Keep rockin out, if you’ve got a capacity problem you are doing something right. Most beginning entrepreneurs get hung up on team building / leadership part which is the next step…. I’m assuming you won’t because of all your SOPs !!! :D

  • Dan

    yeah buddy I can feel ya there !

    Would very much look forward to having the linchpin show back in my life.

  • Thanks Justin! I appreciate the kind words and have certainly worked on stepping up from the Google form page :) If you want to chat any time, give me a shout.

  • Haha, I certainly understand the pain between record and publish! I shot you an email about lining up a call, looking forward to chatting more.

  • Hey James,

    I can definitely say that creating SOPs and productizing my offerings has made the world of difference. Glad you liked the episode!

  • Great work, Ben! I love this approach of building a business. My fave part was the end of this episode when you acknowledge that AE could fail tomorrow, but you’ll still be fine. It’s all about building that entrepreneur skill set and learning how to connect with people and be a problem solver. Looking forward to following the journey…

  • Justin


    Here is an idea that may be too niche’y’.

    Design and Copywriting service just for pricing charts.

    Optimized, Usability(for any web browsers), Branded, etc…

    Then an upsell to a 14 dayfree trial to a live a/b testing. Where a 2nd table is made, split testing software is installed then after a set # of days keep the better performing one and swap out. Rinse and repeat for $xx a month.


    I’ve always liked the idea of learning copywriting because I’ve been a successful salesperson for 11 years and counting and figured selling with written words would be fun.

    Auditing and competition reports would be simple to implement. Need me to ‘Spy’ on anyone for you?

    Would you please expand further on multi-media sale? Do you mean the sale of voice overs? explainer videos? and the like?

  • Love your story Ben. Dan will tell you that I’ve been dragging ass on starting a podcast. Like Damian the whole creation to publish cycle is such a long slog. I will be in touch!

    APHD is an intriguing concept. I just sent it to my friend and co-founder of a company we started that helps non-profits raise money. Non-profits tend to be great at activism and generating interest around their cause but pretty lame when it comes to raising real money. We’ve come up with a systemized approach to help them and in turn keep some coin for ourselves. Compared to Lean Startup, APHD is actually a better metaphor for the approach we are taking.

  • Thanks Joseph! I definitely believe the biggest step is just sticking your neck out there and committing to a decision. Then, even if (perhaps even when) that decisions fails, you won’t have half-assed it, and other opportunities come from the previous one. It all comes back to hustle baby!

  • Thanks Cam! I’ve noticed this problem for lots of would-be podcasters that have great ideas, incredible knowledge but don’t want the imagined burden of a content schedule so I’m working on a few things that can ease the pain. Looking forward to chat about your podcasting project!

  • Dan

    Rock on can’t wait for the CC show :D

  • Joss

    Thanks for the killer podcast – Ben, are you able to share one or two examples of your SOPs?

  • Shane

    Fantastic example of developing the product together with clients! It’s a brilliant way to get in the trenches and make sure you actually build stuff that people want. Congrats to Ben for making it happen.

  • Dan

    Thanks Shane!!!

  • Couldn’t agree more Shane, developing from the trenches with clients is the only way to know there’s an actual need for your product/service. Thanks for the props!

  • Hey Joss, shoot me an email at ben (at) authorityengine (dot) com with a little more info and I’ll see what I can do to help you out!

  • I love this! What an amazing service Ben. This makes me consider actually doing a podcast. I am working through a similar process developing a service with a client as well. Developing SOPs along the way are critical.

  • Bill Donato

    Awesome podcast.

    so true>

    Entrepreneurship is living a few years like most
    people won’t, so u can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

  • Dan

    Thank you Bill !

  • Dan

    Rock on thanks Mandi !

  • tanesha21

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