TMBA 177 (TTR31) – Is it Possible To Travel Forever?

TMBA 177 (TTR31) – Is it Possible To Travel Forever? post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. In this week’s episode Dan sits down with James Clark, the digital nomad behind Nomadic Notes.  James is rocking the solopreneur lifestyle with no employees and an affiliate marketing business that supports continuous travel.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • A framework for setting up as an affiliate marketing solopreneur and traveling the world.
  • How traveling and starting a business can be the safer option compared to the 9-5 job.
  • If James and Dan had to start over tomorrow, here’s how they would setup their affiliate empire.
  • The step-by-step plan for getting to $2,000 a month on affiliate income.

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James Clark

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Published on 03.22.13
  • “…grab a fresh coconut.” best opener ever!

  • Dan

    haha :D James and I go on a walk for a coconut most days.

  • It’s the power coconut walk :)

  • I don’t know… That episode was pretty weak sauce, lacking the meat and potatoes. Was pretty excited at the email, but disappointed in the actual show. First, the link to click here link was broken, but I just clicked on another link and got to the show… No biggee, just annoying. My suggestion would be to break this topic into a series kinda like pat flynns niche duel series, and really get into the nitty gritty of each step. The steps outlined are so vague, that they don’t even seem like steps. That could have been a Pillar Episode.

    Guys, over the past year I’ve listened pretty religiously, and I will still listen, but it seems like your becoming the “Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure” of Lifestyle business. While that seems like a good approach, the content needs to be there to remain entertaining in my opinion. Your first 50 are so damn good, I just want to give honest feedback, and not give the “kick ass guys… Now here’s my link comment”.

  • The link that is broken is in the email under “Here’s the Interview”

  • Having done some affiliate marketing in the credit card / prepaid debit card space… the account managers are tough on the language you use! I think the biggest take away is go after a market with a decent payout.

  • Dan

    true! agreed re: takeaway. pre-determining the quality of your list / traffic is the most important element. this is where most folks, in particular in the travel niche, seem to go wrong. nobody needs a list of people who like spring rolls :)

  • Dan

    ah cheers sorry about that.

  • Dan

    hey Greg i really appreciate your support and willingness to give critical feedback. i like your suggestion above. feel free to drop me an email as well if there’s anything you’d like us to cover and perhaps we can take a stab.

  • Hey Dan, I’ve looked at credit card affiliate programs in the past and what I found is really strict entry requirements. I did a little research and found out who Chris Guillebeau is using ( but I was turned down for all of the major card offers. Feedback was that they only approve large well established domains. If you guys know of a program that works I’d love to hear about it. Current strategy is to reapply at the end of the year once the site has more street cred.

  • Awesome episode, James is a really interesting guest.

  • Dan

    Cheers thanks for followin’ along Ben.

  • Dan

    Cheers Ben thanks for followin’ along !

  • Dan

    Does seem to be the case, high reward / high sacrifice :) Not sure of any alternatives off the top of my head. Good news is there is probably a lot of other stuff related and worth promoting while you build up to that status… one thing I wish I would have brought up here and need to do so in the future is determining the overall ‘buying quality’ of the list. Going to work that one out.

  • I just finished listening to this episode and it was really good. I was curious how are you guys going to pull it off in 15 minutes (the first half being about the coconut lifestyle). You didn’t dissapoint: the whole nine yards in less time than it takes to write an article :)

    Not sure what others were expecting… a “hold my hand” full affiliate course in 15 minutes? Come on. You guys gave the blueprint; the rest is work, work, work!

  • Dan

    Thanks Adrian glad you dug it…. that’s part of the problem with overly tactical stuff is that it generally doesn’t work that well, on the flip side it can provide legibility which helps people work work work!! b/c yeah, that’s the whole bit.

    This week I talked to Jodi E about some social media traffic strategies hopefully it can compliment this one a bit.

  • Ouch. Still a great episode from my POV but I see where you’re coming from. I’ve always seen TTR as the little brother to LBP when it comes to solid, actionable advice. It looks like TTR is where guest interviews go and sometimes it isn’t a shining star of a show, especially for quite a dry topic such as affiliate marketing.

  • Mark J

    I don’t agree with Greg either. I especially found this episode rewarding. But then it was pushing the buttons I want to hear. 1. It kept it simple. 2. Showed me where to start. 3. Increased my desire for the lifestyle. I hope Dan incorporates more episodes into the lifestyle aspect.

  • Dan

    “actionable” is such pressure! :P last LBP had zero directly useful stuff, it’s weird i never know how good this stuff is till i publish and hear from people. “tao of the hustle” ep we almost didn’t publish now people still say best of all time.

  • Dan

    heard some of this as well people wanting me to can the business talk for a few eps. :)

  • If you’re talking about the trade show episode I found it really “actionable”. The take away for me is to go out and interact with your competitors and peers. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we hide away in our holes with our schemes to take over the world.

    It may not be in the form of a trade show but reaching out to others in your niche brings valuable insight. Especially in the early stages where you’re not 100% on whether there is money where you’re headed.

    Good info. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • Dan

    Good point there, didn’t see it that way!

  • If you were to do an AlpineMBA with similar lifestyle features (cheap, beautiful, good business scene) where would you go?

  • Dan

    Chile, Argentina, Boulder, Portland, Montreal… tough question for me to answer I generally trend tropical :)

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