TMBA 070 (LBP70) – 9 Tough Truths About Running a Business and Changing Your Life

TMBA 070 (LBP70) – 9 Tough Truths About Running a Business and Changing Your Life post image

In this episode, Dan and Ian talk about 9 tough truths about running or starting your business that bloggers won’t tell you about. Starting a business requires a lot of sweat, tears and sacrifices. You’ll feel lost or depressed every once in a while. You’ll have to stay at home while your friends go out and have expensive cocktails. Friends and family won’t understand or support what you’re doing. This episode is dedicated to these less glamourous parts of entrepreneurship.

Dan and Ian also share their top 3 tips for people who are getting started with their business.

In the quick tips section Dan and Ian talk about some of their favorite software and a really funny video.

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Ridin Dirty

Pool Party

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Published on 09.01.11
  • Nobody cares if you succeed or fail.  So true.  Being 100% responsible is tough, but worth it to get what you want in life.

  • Hi guys awesome episode again and well done on getting into the iTunes featured podcasts, well deserved. I was thinking as you were talking about the importance of persistence and working your arse off etc, have you covered the opposite on this podcast? That is have you covered when it IS a good idea to give up. One school of thought is it’s better to fail quickly instead of battle away for years with mediocre success. What if you are still earning less than your corporate job after 2000 days? I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts on this – it’s something I think about quite a bit (but probably shouldn’t).

  • Dan

    WORD. :D

  • Dan

    This is a good one and a difficult one. My first thought is: most people I’ve seen who wen’t all in for 1000 days end up getting good enough at entrepreneurship that they end up making it, or at least getting some kind of interesting/better terms income for themselves. Most people who I see failing tend to have one foot in one foot out and don’t get the fast education by fire they need…. now there is probably tons of selection bias on my part there. I’m sure we can dig up some methods we use to pull out of certain deals and niches… TOUGH one :D

  • FEATURED – well done boys!

    Also, Ian – how do you look so badass? I like the fact there’s another side to “lifestyle” businesses other than just beaches in asia (although I do love beaches, and I imagine I would love Asia.)

  • Also, do you really have tshirts made? How can we get ahold of those?

  • Dan

    haha I wish we had done them for the podcast. not yet!

  • Dan

    cool shit eh? i love riding those things, that’s why i don’t do it….   ian also has decided to only ride on the track. that stuff is super dangerous. 

  • Anonymous

    On a slightly unrelated note I recently downloaded and listened to all the available podcasts during a long drive.

    You guys just turned me on to something called Reddit….

    How the hell am I supposed to get anything done now??? My productivity just got shat on ;)

  • Dan

    hahaha… one of the TMBA guys says “friends don’t tell friends about Reddit.” Sorry about that! 

  • Ian

    Ha, thanks Joel.  Funny thing about an outfit like that…it only looks cool in 1 place, out of context it’s not so bad ass.  

  • Ian

    That’s so funny.  Reddit is the community of a few million something users that’s underground.. hipster Reddit.

  • Haha, that reminds me of this Demitri Martin quote (it’s about camouflage, but same idea).

    “One of my favorite clothing patterns is camouflage. Because when you’re in the woods it makes you blend in. But when you’re not it does just the opposite. It’s like, ‘Hey, there’s an asshole.’ But when you’re in the woods you’re like, ‘Is there an asshole out here?’ They look like trees. “

  • morre or less dangerous than riding a bike in the Philippines?

  • Dan

    more for sure.

  • Great podcast as usual. Also, “How to Get Rich” by Felix Dennis is the only book I’ve ever read twice. If you’re into the book check this video “Words of Wisdom” from Felix Dennis. If this doesn’t get you amped I don’t know what will.

  • Dan

    ha! Brett that’s a balla link… I love this guy he is so over the top. Just my style :D

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