TMBA 091 (TTR9) – Run Your Own Tropical MBA, or How I Found My Dream Job

TMBA 091 (TTR9) – Run Your Own Tropical MBA, or How I Found My Dream Job post image

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So Ian (the CEOh-yeah!) and I sat down tonight to talk about a bunch of stuff, but ended up instead telling the story of the Tropical MBA internships and how we plan to scale it through our new [UPDATE (1/2015): now retired] job site,

The purpose of the TWF is to connect location independent entrepreneurs with freelancers providing services or aspiring digital nomades. Right now there are a lot of services posted on there– all services are pre-qualified by yours truly. I know these people, so we aren’t dealing with complete strangers here.

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Our hope is to inspire our fellow location independent entrepreneurs to post about 1 internship opportunity a week– that would be about 50 next year. If we can’t meet that goal, I think Ian and I can help pad that stats by offering our own internship opportunities! We’ll also be posting our internships at TWF going forward. If you have any questions about the site, or suggestions as to how we can make it better, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • The #1 asset that Ian and I see entrepreneurs consistently undervaluing in their businesses.
  • Why you are leaving it on the table if you aren’t getting interns on your side.
  • How the Tropical MBA concept got started, and why no creativity or genius was required.
  • Why hiring service providers on Odesk and Elance still sucks and what you can do about it.
  • The details on a job opportunity that will change somebody’s life.

People on this show:

Episode length: 19:42

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Published on 11.29.11
  • I’m totally gonna start all my conversations with this now: “Hey Jerkface *Insert Title Here*”

    Personally I think you guys are obviously geniuses. I mean, based on your hiring decisions alone.  ;)

    I’d be curious with the lifestyle designers kicking around, how many of them aren’t hiring interns because they have a model that is barely sustaining themselves, let alone dependents. Or that is their perception. 

    The important thing I’ve always found on both sides of the table is that when you are a small operation everyone has to bring something to the table. And not just something that contributes because “every little voice matters” but everyone has to be hustlin’ their ass off to create cold hard cash revenue. Whether directly or indirectly, they better care about the business and keeping it afloat.

    It is scary to put that kind of trust on others. To depend on them as much as they depend on you.

  • JustinWCooke

    Wow, thanks for the love and shout-out, guys…I think you’re totally right about undervaluing or downplaying what it is that we’re doing.  When we first discussed this and read about it a bit here, we were thinking you’d probably have a bunch of bozo’s applying…it was meeting your previous interns that totally sold us on the idea.

    The funny thing is besides the WORK we’ll have them doing for us that will, ultimately, have a revenue impact on our business…the idea of having another sharp mind to bounce around ideas, take on projects, etc. sounds perfect for us.  If we can get him/her on pace and in-line with our thinking and “culture” that’s something that I think will help spur OUR work as well.

    As Elisa mentioned…we are going to be putting some trust in this person.  It’s a bit scary to take someone on open arms when it’s such a close live/work situation and so much of what we do is critical to our business.  Still, I think it’s what we’ll need to continue to expand.

    Cheers, guys.


  • Dan

    Cheers Justin, so pumped you guys put up such an amazing opportunity. I really hope applicants come knocking and you guys get another bight mind in the operation. Really looking forward to catching up in a few days man!!! 

  • Dan

    True. Yeah, I can re-phrase: I’m amazed at the amount of lifestyle entrepreneurs who can afford to hire but don’t. I’m pretty radical in my approach, but I think people have a lot of assumptions about hiring that are incorrect. I suppose it’s a tough thing to get experience with (or to practice!) so people make a lot of assumptions about what they think it will be like rather than defining it. Also…. I just think people hate to part with the money. :D (that shows me they don’t believe in their business, or aren’t really doing the entrepreneur thing, but more like doing the “like a job but no alarm clock thing).

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