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A few years ago, I was at a mastermind in the Philippines and the people that were involved were a pretty intense group. At that event one entrepreneur stood out that was a little bit different than the rest of us. For must of us, we are always in the hustle mindset and we will do anything that it takes to grow our business. Mark Brenwall is almost the polar opposite. Lifestyle is very important to Mark and he abides by a strong set of personal rules about what he will and won’t do for his business. In the two and a half years since Mark has become an entrepreneur, he has built a business called Wod Nation that currently nets him $20,000 a month in profit, and he did it all without compromising his beliefs. I invited Mark onto the show this week to share both his inspiring story and his unique approach to business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The power of putting value in your time.
  • What made Mark decide to create these rules and take ownership of his life.
  • How Mark’s business has continued to grow despite him going against the advice of his peers.
  • Why Mark transitioned from living in the tech scene in San Francisco to becoming a Digital Nomad.
  • How Mark went from flipping websites to creating and selling his own apparel.
  • Why Mark didn’t initially want to get into a product business and what changed his mind.

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Dan & Ian

Published on 08.20.15
  • BAM you nailed it with this one. Bravo. “When you’re in a mastermind, you really hear more about what’s going on in other people’s minds than in your own. So if they have a successful podcast you hear, “oh you need to have a podcast.” I think newbies like myself learn a tremendous amount from veterans, but glad you guys are planting a flag to say “yes, but think for yourself too, and remember your own goals and strengths.” Nobody else in the podcast universe is talking about this stuff in this depth.

  • thanks Nate, having an interesting talk with Mark is easy! On the confidence bit, I think it’s sometimes precisely that that creates entrepreneurial moments, it’s like when you are just doing what others tell you to do, be it bosses or advisors, it’s limited to being something that’s just good for you, but it’s often up to us to identify breakaway moments

  • Adam at The Green Microgym

    This is great. As a stay at home dad, I have to say NO to about 95% of the GOOD advice I get, because I don’t have the bandwidth for it.

    Instead of a negative, this has really helped me become a better businessman because I am now comfortable waiting for a great opportunity rather than chasing down good ones all the time.

    Have I missed out on some things? I’m sure I have. But I haven’t missed out on my kids’ childhood, and there’s no $ amount to replace that.

  • Avo

    Dan, I would love to listen to a physical products, starting from 0 case study, since I don`t belong to Dyn. Circle I have no access to real details :)

  • Great episode. Two things jump out at me:

    1. You can’t undervalue “chops”. Mark had a valuable skillset that he learned to apply to different biz models before he “found” his groove.

    2. Although he isn’t “hustle all the time”, Mark puts in the work. He isn’t afraid of working on the important things in his biz.

    Great work bro.

  • cheers appreciate the idea!

  • yep and yep one thing that fascinates me about the approach is the ‘slow’ nature of it, Taylor I think has called it “plodding” just keep staying focused and confident on long term payoffs rather than hunting down any and all revenue

  • thanks Adam glad you enjoyed the ep! me too…

  • TJ

    His line of thinking really resonated with me, thanks!

  • me too thanks TJ :)

  • Andy Black

    I love this.

    I refuse to spend less time with my kids so I can spend more time with them later.

    Know what’s important to you, and don’t let other people tell you what you should do or need to do.

    I am very careful who I listen to now. It drowns out my own inner voice.

    Enjoy the journey.

  • cheers thanks Andy

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