TMBA 093 (TTR10) – How to Use Smart Drugs and Supplement Stacks to Get More Work Done

TMBA 093 (TTR10) – How to Use Smart Drugs and Supplement Stacks to Get More Work Done post image

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DISCLAIMER: We do not have appropriate qualifications to be handing out medical advice. Consult with your doctor before you take any supplements or drugs. Please don’t take our advice as anything more than a random person’s opinion. It is intended for your entertainment purposes only. Hopefully this sort of content will inspire you to explore ways to improve your health.

Today Ian and I sat down with the SEO expert and body hacker Travis Jamison of SupremacySEO to discuss smart drugs and supplement stacks for brain and body optimization.

Travis owns a supplement company and has experimented extensively with a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and other drugs.

We’ve long been interested in smart drugs and dietary supplements, but have found that taking the first steps to be extraordinarily confusing. In this episode, Ian and I try to get the best “first steps” for people interested in body and brain optimization through the use of supplements, nootropics, and drugs.

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • The oldest, safest, and most proven smart drug available.
  • Why eating a slice of pizza could be more dangerous than taking smart drugs.
  • What the hottest new smart drug is, what it feels like, and why it’s being used by Silicon Valley CEOs and other top performers.
  • What kinds of productivity results you can expect by using Travis’ recommended stacks.

Travis’ Health and Longevity Stack:

  • High quality multi-vitamin (not Centrum).
  • Omegas (High quality Fish/Krill Oil).
  • Super green foods.
  • Probiotics.
  • Digestive Enzymes.
  • Quercetin.

Travis’ Basic Brain Health and Function Stack:

  • Piracetam.
  • Choline.
  • Sulbutiamine.
  • Stiff brewed green team, preferably lose leaf.

Travis’ Aggressive Brain Hacking Stack (Potentially dangerous):

  • Geranium Oil.
  • Ephedrine + Caffeine.
  • Adderral / Ritalin.
  • Modafinil.

People on this show:

Episode length: 31:15

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Published on 12.05.11
  • Not a fan of this episode. Stick to talking about business!

  • Iv’e got plenty to say about some of this stuff given that I was diagnosed with ADHD. You guys mentioned modafinil (aka provigil). I had a buddy who was a doctor who prescribed this stuff for me and I used it all through business school and to study for the GMAT. I’d come home from work and study for the GMAt for 5 hours using this stuff. My test score went up by about 90 points. So, I’m definitely interested in this stuff. Unfortunately insurance providers don’t cover it and you might not have the easiest time getting a prescription. That being said you can get it from foreign pharmacies, but I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of the medication and side effects when you get it from other countries. Anyways, I liked the episode. Interesting stuff. 

  • MarkZ

    For the 1st general health stack I would add 2 things:

    Vitamin D-super important especially during winter. Almost everyone is deficient. The general vitamins mentioned may include it but it’s probably not enough. Go with 4000-6000 IU/ day.
    Vitamin k2- explained here

    For better sleep take magnesium before bed.

    To increase blood flow to certain areas take L-Arginine a few hours before magic time ;)

  • Keep talking about it! :) Isn’t this what TMBA is for? riffing on topics that interest them. Anyway..

  • Ok some interesting thoughts.

    1. Regarding Modafinil, as far as I understand it has existed since the 1980s so we have 25 years now of it being around. You guys were talking it up a bit in terms of the “new-ness” of it.

    *goes to check Wikipedia*

    ok. According to Wiki, it’s been prescribed in France since 1994.

    In terms of side-effects it has a widely known side effect which is that it reduces appetite.

    2. BOCAPA!?

    Dude I was SURE you were going to mention Bocapa. It’s an Indian herb and there’s been multiple clinical trials which have shown it increases information retention (ie. memory). Just google “Bocapa clinical trial” and you can go from there.

    “. At the end of the
    12-week study, results
    indicated a significant
    improvement in verbal
    learning, memory
    consolidation, and speed
    of early information
    processing in the
    treatment group compared
    to placebo. These
    effects were not
    observed at baseline or
    at five weeks”

    It takes a while to kick in apparently… (many, many people agree with the 10-12 week scenario) but when it does…

  • Typo – Bacopa

  • As mentioned, Diet and sleep will make a massive jump in quality of life.  Healing the gut (pro-biotics via fermented foods or GOOD pill and cutting out the culprits–processed foods/gluten) and moving to an anti-inflammatory diet will produce (from my numbers) a 20-70% jump in the effectiveness on some of the above ‘drugs’ along with elimination of needing a few of them.

    Nice episode!
    Some sources:
    Great write up along with plenty of data
    Same as above but with varied products
    Huge thread with an incredible amount of data, bullshit, and sources for raw products.
    Mentioned on here before.  He has a good write up on Modafinil and some great hacks on both diet and sleep.
    Incredible guy who documented his own ‘mood brightening’ regimen 

    Side note: bremelanotide offers other types of performance enhancement…for your reading pleasure of course:

  • Dan

    oh wow!!! thank so much for taking the time to lay out the links. i’ve just bookmarked them all. cheers!!!

  • Dana

    So is Travis able to obtain any of these in Bali? Or did he bring them with him? A friend gave me two modafinil the other day to try out for if I really wanted to cram on a project or something. Haven’t tried them yet but if they work well I would probably want to get more.

  • Dan

    ah yes I’ve heard quite a bit about this sas well, have you taken it yet? apparently there are all these smart cats in some random place in India… 

  • Dan

    Noted sir!!!! haha  will discuss these with travis today.

  • Dan

    Srini i’ve heard a lot of information on the quality issue as well, in particular with the modafinils, eg that provigil is better than modafalert. 

    yeah this stuff seems to be everywhere at the major universities. thanks for listening! 

  • Dan

    as far as I know you have to order Piracetam and Modafinil from overseas. If you’d like I can email you the URL.

  • Brought most of it with me. Either that or get it shipped in.

  • Great call. 
    I honestly feel that processed food is the #1 thing hurting productivity and harming the body. 

  • Thanks, ya I would appreciate the URL, I just took one about a half hour ago to see how productive it might make me. Always good to know where to get them if I need them. Indonesia isn’t always such a great place to find things like this although can be a great place to find other things.

  • Big fan of bacopa.
    As well as DMAE, Huperzine, Vincocetine and several of the carnitines. Specifically Glycocarn or Acetyl-L-Carnitine ArginateI could have went on for days but was just trying to give a simple basic stack for some beginners to follow. I do agree that bocopa is a great addition.

    As for modafinil, It does seem like it’s been around for a little while. My personal opinion is that it hasn’t been on “the scene” for too long though. I feel like most people interested in this aggressive enhancement are still using adderal/ritalin. Maybe I’m just in the wrong/right scene though

  • -Vitamin D: Oh yes. I take 10,000iu a day.
    -K2. I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks!
    -Before bed: Try ZMA, which includes magnesium. Best rest and dreams ever. 
    -Like Arginine, Try Agmatine. It blows arginine away. Also has a slew of other benefits… nootropic, increases Leutinizing Hormone in men, ect…

  • The rant at the end of the podcast was spot on.  

  • bought it from iherb and started taking it a week or so ago. 

  • Fucking baller podcast.  Absolutely love it.  It would be interesting to test each one of the brain hacking supplements individually and experiment with how they work in union.

  • Dan

    workin’ on it! Thanks Alex. 

  • Since no one has mentioned it yet I thought I’d share a link to the Imminst forum on Noortropics.

    You have to pay to participate but you can read for free.

  • Dan

    Great thread Arnaud, thanks for the link.

  • Getcheberry07

    Joe Rogan always talks about Alpha Brain.  How does that product stack up?

  • Ollie


    Will lIsten to the podcast in a wee bit, but had to quickly say this. can I also get the URL where you can get Modafinil?



  • Dan

    email only.

  • Dan

    here is travis’ response via email:

    I’ve looked into the stuff before.My opinion: Under-dosed and over-priced concoction for the most part. The bacopa is properly dosed though, other then that it’s all quite low. I honestly have no clue what ac-11 is yet. It might be a fancy new name for some old product, as supplement manufacturers tend to do that. But then again it could actually be something novel. I’ll do some research when I grab a sec. All in all would I buy it? Probably but I like trying new things. Probably going to try it out now actually. Also, even though it is technically under-dosed some people end up responding much better to lower dosed concoctions. Higher dosages can space some people out. BrainQuicken for example is almost laughable at the small amounts of ingredients, yet I hate to admit it but the stuff works well for me. One last thing, all of the ingredients are quality forms and I can appreciate that. 

  • Jason Rasset

    UP, my alley:)
    I used to take Provigil (brand name) and have tried Modafinal (imported), at first Provigil was FRICKING AMAZING… although without any direction, I did nothing but
    read “like the whole internet” for WEEKS, Ha, not to mention, I did experience some rather bad side effects when used with alcohol.. made me want to drink more, kinda got a litte psycho, if you know what I mean…

    all in all , I think it is pretty safe for short term usage and also would caution against taking too high of a dosage, 200mg was the max for me and I am over 300 lbs… but everyone is different. 


    PS. Diet Coke is death… Aspartame, Monsanto, :(

  • Dan

    Cheers man.. yeah I was talking with Travis about Diet Coke and it got me pretty depressed :( 

    Noted on the Provigil stuff… lot of people say the effects tapper a bit. I like the idea of popping it when you’ve got a really clear idea of the challenge in front of you, and moderating use a bit. It’s not so great that you’d be taking them all day long which is a good thing. 

    Thanks for stopping by! 

  • Mikko

    Really interesting. I’m coming to Bali in end of January, hope to meet up and grab  a green tea boys.

  • You mean, I can’t just swing a kettle-bell 15 times and live forever?

  • Dan


  • Dan

    don’t ask me man! :)

  • Nick Taylor

    Great show! Travis I was wondering about your opinion of Yerba Mate on increasing brain function. It seems to work for me, if I drink about a pot of it, but then I also keep reading that it might be a carcinogen.

  • Dan

    Nick I’m a huge +1 on YM, I just hate the taste of the stuff. I have not heard the news about carcinogen stuff.. bummer. 

  • Jaboorman

    Great podcast as always – can you please email me the link at

  • Is this show gone? :(

  • Dan

    nah! just been busy :)

  • Trevor


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  • Matias

    Hi, going trough the TMBP archive here :)

    Did you ever released the dosage post?

  • Dan

    haha sweeet! no I don’t think we got it :(

  • Dan

    sorry Trevor don’t think we got them

  • Yo Peoples!
    I just saw some traffic coming from this page to Supremacy and thought a little update might be in order. In my wise old years of now, I would change a few things:
    1) Don’t regularly take multi-vitamins. They have more or less been shown to decrease lifespan. I take a really high quality (non-synthetic) one about 1-2 days a week max.
    2) Probiotics are still the #1 supp in my arsenal. That and NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) anytime I have a few drinks, stress my body, or get exposed to loud noises/bars.
    3 ) Look into “Adaptogens”. Those are money! Rhodiola, Ashwaganda and the such.
    4) Despite Dave’s modern spamminess, bulletproof coffee is still a godsend. That in the morning and matcha of an evening will leave your brain happy all day long.
    5) Prescription stims: “not that I ever take those”, but if I did I would only take about 1/8th of a modafinil. 1/4 max. Just trust me here, the results will be better and you will get more done.
    6) Get on the creatine kids. It’s not just for muscleheads. Ignore the fancy stuff and just go for normal creatine monohydrate.
    7) Depending on your normal blood sugar levels and how you respond, the ALCAR/Alpha-lipoic acid stack is amazing. The ALA can crash your blood sugar in some though and make you dumb for a bit. Trial and error here.
    8) Get on Pzizz naps (search in the app store). 17 min is my magic number.


  • Very much appreciate the updates Travis!

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