TMBA 416: Entrepreneurship: Don't Tell Your Parents

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The theme of today’s show is navigating the pressures that so many entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs feel from friends, family, and colleagues.

Dan and Ian are certainly familiar with these feelings, and today’s guest is no stranger to them either.

Vincent Nguyen is the founder of Growth Ninja, a performance-based Facebook ads company. You may remember Vincent from an episode we published a few years ago about apprenticeships.

Vincent has definitely paid his dues in the world of entrepreneurship, having worked with Empire Flippers before starting Growth Ninja in 2015, all the while hiding the fact that he dropped out of college from members of his immediate family.

This episode is a conversation about the tough decisions and sacrifices that many entrepreneurs are forced to make to get started with their own businesses.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Vincent decided to drop out of college. (2:38)
  • What Vincent learned from apprenticing with Empire Flippers. (18:41)
  • Why Vincent hid the fact that he was an entrepreneur from some of his family members. (33:52)
  • How Vincent’s family reacted when he told them what he had been doing. (38:46)
  • Reflections on the first three years of Growth Ninja and what Vincent sees for the future of his company. (41:59)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Published on 11.23.17
  • If my grandparents ever ask me if I talked about them on a podcast before I’m saying no.

  • Jane Beresford

    Have you ever considered that they might actually know everything and just be playing a double bluff?!

  • That’s some high level stuff right there!! :)

  • Loved the backstory and the lying Vincent. Keep going as it sounds like a great product and business

  • Would love to know more about how he structures and manages a performance-based digital marketing business. Reminds me of Warren Buffett’s fund. Great way to remove risk for clients, but how does he make sure his team doesn’t work for free?

    I thought about it for SEO, but the payoff time takes too long to be able to pay staff and contractors in the interim. Facebook ads would be a better bet since they show results faster, but I’m assuming he vets prospects carefully.

  • Great question! You’re exactly right. I am extremely selective with the clients I bring on and disqualify like crazy. Prospective clients have to have a lot of ducks in a row before I can bring them on.

    I also charge a certain amount upfront as well prior to setup.

  • Thanks!!

  • Loved this episode. @selfstairway:disqus is an a genuine dude!

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