TMBA 203 (TTR38) – Welcome LBP Listeners

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Every Thursday morning, 8AM EST, we’ll be aiming to publish one podcast at this domain, instead of the LBP and (sometimes) TTR at two. Starting next week we’ll have a little re-design of the podcasts as the Lifestyle Business Podcast and Tropical Talk Radio come together and are reborn into an even more focused, flexible show.

The old LBP iTunes feed will continue to work for some time, but our primary iTunes link will be this one.

If you have any questions about this, or have ideas for the future of our show, we’d love to hear from you.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Why Dan and Ian are merging the two podcasts and what you can expect going forward.
  • The branding problem the fellas have run into and why this move will alleviate the pain.
  • The concept of “spotlight marketing” and why it’s more relevant in 2013 than when the LBP got started in 2009.
  • What the guys plan for the future of the show.



Just The Tips

The Jam

Upcoming Events

  • October 18 – DC BKK

Get Your Voice On The Show

  • Leave us a message. It’s easy to do, just attach a simple .mp3 recording to the email.

Have fun. Leave a comment. Go make it happen! :)

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Published on 08.01.13
  • Super psyched about this new shift and looking forward to the new format coming hot off the press from Dan and Ian!

  • The LBP started in 209 !!!?????? Didn’t realise you were that old . You look great for your age, though . What’s the secret ? Oh , man now I have a lot of catching up to do … :)

  • What perfect timing that this refocused podcast format is happening around your four year anniversary. All the best with the new TropicalMBA podcast!

    P.S – Permission To Land is one of my guilty pleasure albums :)

  • Luke Rappen

    all good things come to an end. and then awesome things begin afterwards.

  • The LBP is dead. Long live the LBP!

  • Alain Dance

    Hey, I switched to the Tropical MBA as suggested, but I was not able to upload the first 16 show. Itunes only allowed me to upload from #15 to now. Is there any way to get your first 15 shows?

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  • Good call. Tropical MBA has so much potential as a brand.

    p.s. the Darkness rock. They get my support purely on their ability to say f*ck and c*nt in a song and you not even know they’ve said it. That’s skill.

  • Good move, I was always confused about the two.

  • well done

  • Dan I too am a big fan of jogging… But here’s the problem I’ve been having lately… Here in South America the roads and sidewalks are kind of crappy and inevitably I get distracted by a Colombiana and fall or trip while jogging and scrape my elbow or twist my ankle.

  • Finally, somebody listens to Joe Magnotti! ;-)

    Glad to be an inspiration and best of luck with the new way of doing things, I’m sure it will work out.

  • Dan

    I always listen to Joe Magnotti! :D I know what’s what…

  • Dan

    Life is hard sometimes :)

  • Dan

    Thanks James!

  • Dan

    I’m still confused! :P

  • Dan

    Thanks Dan appreciate that and I totally agree RE: Darkness.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Hey Alain we are going to get them uploaded to a media library here at the blog in the next few weeks, we’ll kick you an email when they are up here and send them to you. Could you email me? I’ll send you the links..

  • Dan

    here’s hoping!

  • Dan

    thanks for your help and inspiration with all of this James!

  • Dan

    yikes fixed it ! :)

  • Dan

    yeah buddy appreciate all your help Ben.

  • Got another Brit phrase for you:
    Stay Calm and TMBA On

  • Dan


  • Kristof

    Been on and off the LBP because I want to get to actually starting a business and not just reading/listening about it. Got back on this weekend with a few episodes in the car. You guys still rock my socks off.

  • Good stuff guys. I’m sure the new show will be just as good :)

  • Dan

    Cheers Tristan appreciate your support along the way! WE hope so to… :)

  • Dan

    HELLS yeah :D We’ll be here when you need a break.

  • Valerie

    Are you guys going to change the podcast art? I know when I first saw it, the tropical talk radio wasn’t really clicking for me. But congrats on the move!

  • Dan

    Ah! I liked it more :( My design sense is wacky everybody is telling me this :D We are changing it but not much this week. Probably time for a design overhaul this year…

    Thanks for the congrats!

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