TMBA 229: Explaining the Entrepreneurial Worldview to Friends and Family

TMBA 229: Explaining the Entrepreneurial Worldview to Friends and Family post image

Damian Thompson is back after the last episode with him absolutely blew up! Erik Emsley challenged us to help him explain to his family what this lifestyle choice is all about.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The fundamental belief system behind the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • How much we value our time above all else.
  • Why we don’t care about variable income.
  • The importance we place on where we are now, not in 20 years.
  • Key difficulties that we face in relationships.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 01.30.14
  • Dan

    Hey Charles thanks a lot for that… SoCal is a great place for entrepreneurship, I used to meet up with others on the best events were always during he workday (higher percentage of people without jobs).

    Glad you are digging the show!

  • Dan

    Hey John… really appreciate the comment.

    It does seem to me as we build more agency in our lives that we employ cynicism and sarcasm less (of course they never go away), but yeah we are now earnest and bold enough to ask the question: do we want to do something about this? which is a question that I didn’t really feel capable of asking much before I became an entrepreneur and learned about this world.

    I don’t think the lack of respect comes from a focus on goals/results, my guess is that it’s just an issue of legibility. And yeah, the proof is in the pudding once people SEE and can understand the success it’s sort of a moot point… these types of conversations are mostly happening during the transition period– the first 1,000 days and shortly thereafter (or longer depending on your circumstances).

  • Dan

    Thanks Vernon!

    I think a Bugatti would probably clear up any misunderstandings :) Totally agree having Ian around was absolutely huge for me, somebody to talk with at a deep level concerning our projects and trajectory. I also like the point of other people– in particular at the beginning– aren’t going to be able to see your vision. That’s almost definitional– what it means to be an entrepreneur is to be building things that don’t yet exist, so expecting others to see it as well is mildly heartbreaking and pointless :)

  • Did a podcast on the Suitcase Entrepreneur on this very thing just last week too – how to tell people what you actually do for a living.

    It’s such an important topic and frankly I get sick and tired of explaining why I choose freedom in business and adventure in life – yet at the same time I realise it’s up to us to educate people on why this is such a great way to live life.

    After a while the lack of understanding around digital nomads and location independence wears thin though – it’s not like this stuff is new, even to people still in corporate jobs – more and more people are much more aware of what we do and how we run our businesses. I just wish more people would realise what opportunities they have.

  • Hey Becca, I’m with you and don’t try and explain myself to most people. But family & close friends are a bit harder to ignore. I give it a good go once or twice and then I move on. ;)

  • We can have some awesome experiences in your Audi on Lake Tahoe. “Remember that time we drove your car into the lake?” Good Times… ;)

  • It’s a common topic for me, along the lines of “you decide to be happy or not” Not your circumstances, or background, family issues, history, etc. You decide how to deal with what you have. Make excuses or make it happen, it’s up to you. :)

  • LOL – I love the “hack” of attending events during the workday as a great way to get the “civilians” out. Will have to use that if I ever get back to the US.

  • I think they misunderstand true goal setting or results focus. It is so easy to forget the “Why” in what we do, especially if we are on the “proven track”. You want that next promotion to buy the bigger house, but why? what purpose does it serve? Getting in touch with your real motivations is a powerful and difficult exercise. I think most people don’t try it, or abandon it too quickly.

  • John Pangilinan

    Ah yes, I think I misspoke in some ways, what I meant with results is more or less what you said, that once the proof of success can be seen and easily understood then respect follows… and that LBEs aren’t as initially respected as someone who attains a high corporate position, though the reward may be much sweeter in the end.

    Thanks for this podcast and others, really learning a lot from you, Ian, many of the others you mention on your casts and hoping that I can contribute to the community and the world of business soon. Your comment about falling in love with process is definitely starting to hit home with this reader.

  • Totally agree that a “support network” makes everything waaaay easier. I struggled my first year in entrepreneurship until I made a few very close friends that were a few steps ahead of me that were willing to spend real time with me. I think the average person in our “tribe” is very generous with their time & attention if you are working towards your goals. I know I give a lot of mine up for people that are truly trying to accomplish life on their own terms.

  • Some will, some won’t, who cares, who’s next? Your very close friends and family don’t have to understand they are generally coming from a good place, those in the periphery? eff em! :)

  • Thanks for calling into the Love Show with Dr Dan! ;) I kid I kid.

    I think “convincing” someone is nigh on impossible. I think if you dig deeper the issue isn’t the type of job, career, business etc. But feelings of fear and uncertainty that arises from being your own boss. As I stated I whole-heartedly believe that NO JOB on the earth is as “safe” as me working for myself. I am in control, I determine my future not some suits in a boardroom or some guy in a cubicle with a spreadsheet. I understand that I am in the minority here, but I believe it as gospel. Get a skill people will pay for and you have “security” for the rest of your life.

  • You would of thought at my age I would get used to being a disappointment by now! ;)

    Listening to Gladwell’s new book David vs. Goliath and the thing that keeps coming back up is that winners have no compunction on being “disagreeable”. I love that idea. That living on your terms means you WILL upset other people, power on, keep on truckin’ and make it happen anyway.

  • Dan

    here here that really stuck out for me as well.

  • Kyle M Brown

    Very nice. Glad to hear this discussion. I could never find it before I walked away myself so I had to find my way. It is an uphill battle to explain without a doubt. It’s all about mindset. Since I have been in their shoes before I talked in terms they know. Like “I own a software company.” Generally the conversation shifts after that unless I’m speaking to someone that is looking to do the same.

  • Dan

    Cheers Kyle thanks for giving it a listen glad you found some value!

  • John

    Hey guys, tropical mba rocks my world and this episode sounds awesome and I really want to listen to it but whenever I try either on my iPhone or here on the website I get ‘File not found’. Is there any way to fix that or perhaps an alternative place I can listen to it?


  • Hey John thanks for the heads up!!! Gotta get that fixed today!!!

  • Episode is still down, Dan. :(

    My family is on the other end of the phone wondering why I called them at 3am while rambling about explaining my worldview and podcasts but I’ve got nothing to say.

  • Meg1234

    Hi guys. This file can’t be played on this page and it’s not possible to
    play / dowload it from iTunes. Is there a way of getting this episode?
    Thanks for an amazing podcast guys!

  • Hey Meg thanks for the heads up it should be sorted now!

  • Nicole

    I just started listening to TMBA Prodcast a couple months ago. This episode is SPOT ON with my current situation. I graduated college in May, 2015, and I started a grad school that fall because at the time, I thought I wanted to go towards the CPA route. The summer before I started grad school I started an online business selling handmade products and did some freelancing online as a way to earn some extra income while in school because I was going to be a full time student. My business was doing really well, and I was picking up a lot of clients from doing freelance writing and translating. In August, 2015 I spent 2 weeks in Europe as a graduation gift to myself. While there, I met a lot of location independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, who talked a lot about their work-travel lifestyle. A huge bell rang in my head because I realized I was already on-track to live this type of lifestyle with the online work I was doing. I started grad school went I came back from my trip. My first semester was okay, but what really turned me off was when I was to a networking event with accounting professionals from the Big-4. The idea of the corporate lifestyle became a huge turn off to me, and recalling how bored I was when I was at my accounting internship proved it. I decided to wait it out another semester to see how I would feel, and by April, I decided to not continue with grad school this semester and focus on my business so can save up and move to a country with a lower living cost. My parents were sooooooooo mad, when I told them I was dropping out; they thought I was throwing my life away. They don’t understand at all. They think freelancing isn’t a “real job” and that my business isn’t “legit” enough, which is funny because those direct deposits into my account are very real lol. Whenever they talk about me to their friends and family, the STILL say I’m in grad school, instead of talking about what I really do. Sigh, sometimes parents just don’t understand. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people won’t understand what I’m doing; I’m just focusing on growing my brand, and come 2017, my boyfriend and I will be booking our one-way tickets out of here!

  • wow cheers Nicole, good luck with the big change and best of luck with the adventure!

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