101 Monetizable Blog Topics

This post continues a series of posts on blog based businesses:  Don’t blog, 100 shelved posts, sold a blog, find 100 customers, don’t teach beginners, making a living blogging, dead on arrival.

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Most blogs are going to fail. The blog you are writing right now is probably going to fail. Lord knows, most of the blogs that I have started have failed.

You’ve probably seen it. Watch me make money online; watch me travel the world; listen to my thoughts about how to be a better human being; look at my photos from my travels; watch me interview smart people… 

It’s not because blogging is a bad way to start a business. If I were to start from scratch today, I’d start with a blog. I’d try to get my foothold in business by being a connector and publisher in a niche with a lot of demonstrated commercial potential.

The vast majority of information on the web has no relevant and trustworthy point of view for the reader. This is especially true in commercial niches. Users have to make their own conclusions. What does this information mean to me? How can I make a buying decision here? Readers are seeking taste-makers with bold points of view. Successful bloggers who take this approach to blogging will be part journalist, practitioner, researcher, author, and entrepreneur.

Winning approaches to online publishing:

  • Are focused on connecting people, products, and information in order to help solve a problem people care about.
  • Prioritize solving the problems of the marketplace over advancing his or her immediate personal interests.

Bloggers have some huge advantages over established businesses and larger publishing outlets. They aren’t tied to any particular point of view, product, or service. When they identify a better way to serve your audience’s problems, they can pivot immediately.

To contrast, here are some other popular blogging models (that can be successful as well):

  • The affiliate blogger. “I’ll build up a lot of traffic and around an authority site and promote products the convert well.”
  • The cult of personality blogger. “I’ll share my model with people so they can solve things the same way.”
  • The my place on the web blogger. “Any topic that comes to my brain, I blog. I’ll eventually get enought traffic that’ll make me some money.”
  • The content blogger. “This content market needs served, I’m raising money and paying writers.”
  • The professional blogger. “I have an accounting firm, I need to write about accounting to generate leads.”

The web is short on quality perspective content in commercial niches.

Cultivating a dedicated and trusting audience is either exorbitantly expensive or impossible for companies to create for themselves. They aren’t good at reporting with integrity, pointing out items of interest with no commercial value, being quirky and interesting, and coming up with impassioned points of view on topics that mater.

“But I dont know anything about commercial problems.” I didn’t know anything about the Philippines when I started my outsourcing blog. I stepped off the plane in September 2009 and started an authority site on the topic in December 2009. I made like a journalist and asked people for the best information. When I didn’t have it, I focused on sharing my unique point of view and experiences. Joe and Justin put up their first Adsense site on the internet in early 2011. In February 2012, they are considered one of the web’s leading experts on the topic.

If I would have told you on year ago there was an opportunity to build a famous authority website on Adsense, would you have believed me?

Being an expert is about publishing the best content. That doesn’t come from 10 years of experience. That comes from getting on the phone, reaching out, driving at the hard problems in your industry, and caring relentlessly about the solving problems in your marketplace. I’d be willing to be that the majority of the people who write the content for INC magazine aren’t entrepreneurs. Do you trust them as experts? Could you do better?

Obviously there are 1000’s of winning blog topics. Those below are just a representation of the approach I’d take with brainstorming if we were in the room together. I did zero research here, this is just for kicks. Hope you enjoy!

101 commercial blog topics:

  1. How do I utilize aggressive tax strategies in my small business?
  2. What is the best way to set-up an offshore business for my internet business?
  3. What are the best ways to buy backlinks or build my own private link networks?
  4. What’s the best way to create linkbait campaigns?
  5. What are the best places to bank and do business in Hong Kong?
  6. How do I get access to high-end airline lounges for cheap?
  7. How do I throw a wedding in Bali?
  8. How can I buy and sell real estate in Bali?
  9. How can I set up an offshore partner company in the Philippines?
  10. How can I execute a linkbait campaign by developing small pieces of software?
  11. How can I set up an amazing auto-responder series so my list converts like crazy?
  12. What are the cutting edge ways I can get people to opt-in to mailing lists?
  13. How do I hire mid to high range software developers in developing countries?
  14. What are the best jobs in developing countries in the tech space?
  15. How do I write the ultimate sales letter for my information products?
  16. What’s going on for expats in Bali right now?
  17. How do people utilize airline miles and other hacks to fly for free?
  18. How do I protect my assets by investing in precious metals?
  19. How do I know if my particular offshore tax strategy is legal?
  20. How do I find a good factory in China to manufacture my apparel?
  21. How can I use smart drugs or improve my performance at work or school?
  22. How can I figure out which supplements I need to be taking?
  23. How can I make my children brilliant if I homeschool them?
  24. What’s the world’s best diet for longevity?
  25. How do I treat my chronic disease naturally?
  26. How can I live forever?
  27. How can I meet important people in the Singapore business community?
  28. What are the cheapest ways to build links?
  29. How do I develop great e-commerce stores on Drupal?
  30. How do I invest in real estate in South America?
  31. How do I get my legal affairs (including insurance) in order while I travel?
  32. How do I get citizenship to the United States?
  33. How do I get a work visa to the United States?
  34. How can I save the maximum amount of money?
  35. What are the best passive investments to make?
  36. How can I flip homes for a profit?
  37. How can I flip e-commerce stores for a profit?
  38. How can I get a valuation for my rare racing motorcycle?
  39. How can I get a job in the luxury yacht industry?
  40. How can I find high quality website to buy?
  41. How can I find high quality online passive income investments?
  42. How can I save money on taxes for my online business?
  43. What’s the best way to get into law school?
  44. How can I best diagnose and treat chronic lower back pain?
  45. How can I know if my product idea has been previously patented?
  46. What is the best way to improve my total time in a triathlon?
  47. What are the best ways to naturally address my chronic skin condition?
  48. How can I use smart drugs to enhance my performance?
  49. What are some innovative ways I can try to save my marriage?
  50. How can I start an e-commerce store?
  51. How can I effectively reverse the damage I’ve done to my posture by working at a computer?
  52. How can I affordably buy high quality content for my sites?
  53. How can I make a living as an online writer?
  54. How can I make a living as a link builder?
  55. What’s the news and top after market parts for my Chevy Avalanche?
  56. How do I care for this pet monkey!?
  57. How can I follow Dan Andrews on Twitter?
  58. How can I make great videos in Final Cut Pro?
  59. How can I make money from a online TV show?
  60. How can I find drop-shippers for my e-commerce store?
  61. How can I open a personal bank account in Hong Kong?
  62. How can I open a personal bank account in Singapore?
  63. How can I get started sourcing in China?
  64. What are the best opening emails to send on online dating sites?
  65. How can I obtain a second passport or citizenship?
  66. How can I make money by producing Youtube videos?
  67. How do I make great homebrew?
  68. How do I get dates in Brazil?
  69. How can I make sure my boyfriend doesn’t leave me?
  70. How can I solve my addiction to pain killers?
  71. Where is the best place to hire software developers in Indonesia?
  72. What kinds of capital investment opportunities are there in Vietnam?
  73. Where is the party for expats in Hanoi?
  74. How can I produce excellent podcast sound and music?
  75. How can I get a job as a nurse in America?
  76. How can I spend less time on my e-commerce Adwords campaigns?
  77. How can I find a clever alternative to 401K saving?
  78. What’s are the most progressive ways to treat acne and similar issues?
  79. How can I find real estate investments in the Philippines?
  80. How can I figure out which online gurus are legit and which ones are full of crap?
  81. What are the best ways to invest in China and it’s currency?
  82. How can I organize an excellent factory tour and sourcing experience in China?
  83. How can I set-up a software development shop in South East Asia?
  84. How can I learn self-massage techniques to promote healing and re-activate muscles?
  85. How can I improve my IQ?
  86. How can I do something about my embarrassing disease or problem?
  87. What are the best beverages for increased energy and health?
  88. What are the best ski slopes in Colorado?
  89. What are the best techniques to become a better putter?
  90. How can I find clever ways to pay for my college education?
  91. How can I score perfect on my placement exam?
  92. What are the best whole food supplements?
  93. How can I find expensive wine that will impress my friends?
  94. What are the best overseas termed deposit savings accounts?
  95. How can I get jobs on high end yachts?
  96. How can I get a service job in some killer location?
  97. How can I find a technical co-founder?
  98. How can I follow Dan Andrews on Twitter? (kidding!)
  99. How can I be sure Elvis is dead?
  100. How can I be sure any of these topics will actually make money?
  101. What are the most cutting edge strategies for securing my wealth and growing it steadily?

I know some of these are donkeys. I also know there are a few sure bets on this list. All you gotta do is swing. Got a good one I should add?



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