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Blog Posts:

  1. “I Want to Make Money From Anywhere on the Planet – How Do I Get Started?”
  2. The Cult of Early Retirement Meets (or Strangely, Doesn’t Meet) the Cult of Entrepreneurship
  3. The 1,000 Day Rule : What Living the Dream Really Looks Like
  4. From Below the Blog – A 5 Year Retrospective
  5. A Framework For Hiring and Managing Employees
  6. Oh The Places You’ll Go!
  7. 14 Business Tips Nobody Told Me About
  8. In 2013 I Traveled to 7 Countries and Lived in Mostly Airbnb Rentals – Here’s How I Did It
  9. The Script
  10. The 100 Rules of Building a Business You Can Run From Anywhere
  11. Finding My 5 Hours
  12. The Top 10 Lifestyle Design Cities – 2014 Edition
  13. Is Blogging Still a Viable Way to Start a Business?
  14. Digital Nomad Packing List 2014
  15. The Entrepreneurmobile and Our Top 10 Used Cars for Under $5000
  16. Recommended Reading- 50 Books I loved in 2013
  17. How I Knew I Wanted to be a Entrepreneur
  18. The Retirement Hypothetical
  19. “Cambodia Cash” : And How I’d Try to Create it in 12 Hours or Less
  20. A 15 Minute Guide – How to Create a Conference Presentation
  21. Learn to Play the Guitar in 10 Hours


  1. If It Makes You Money, You Shouldn’t Be Doing It (The SOP Episode)
  2. An Episode For Those Who Don’t Have a Business Idea
  3. The Rise of Productized Services
  4. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try try again.”
  5. The Tao of the Hustle
  6. 9 Tough Truths About Running a Business and Changing Your Life
  7. Rip, Pivot, and Jam : The Strategy That Launched Our New Product Line
  8. 8 Lesser Recognized Forms of the Resistance 
  9. The 10 Point Business Diagnostic Test
  10. The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Business Partnerships
  11. Do We Need to Re-Train Ourselves to Enjoy Our Free Time?
  12. The Consultants Handbook: How to Make Location Independent Income Quickly
  13. Is a College Degree Useful for Entrepreneurs
  14. Explaining the Entrepreneurial Worldview to Family and Friends

A Series on Productized Marketing Services:

A lot of people ask us “how can I get started with the location independent lifestyle?” If you don’t have highly marketable skills or lots of business experience (like me when I started), this is the series of podcasts I’d recommend to you:

You can download a .zip file of the series here.

  1. An Episode for Those Who Need a Business Idea
  2. How to Make Your First 1K Online
  3. Explaining the Entrepreneurial Worldview to Friends and Family
  4. The Rise of Productized Services
  5. 10 True Clients, 100 True Customers, 1,000 True Clients
  6. A Roadmap (With Case Study) For Replacing Your Salary in Less Than 6 Months
  7. A 10 True Clients Business Model Case Study
  8. Building Startups When You’ve Got Little Time and No Money
  9. How Hyperfocus in Your Marketing Can Lead to Broader Business Opportunities
  10. Starting With Productized Services: Learn a Skill, Package It For Sale, Then Scale 
  11. Growing and Scaling Productized Services Businesses
  12. So, You’ve Got Some Time and Location Freedom, What’s Next?

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