Some Blogs and Podcasts Worth Checking Out in 2014

Some Blogs and Podcasts Worth Checking Out in 2014 post image

For over half a decade, one of my favorite daily rituals is opening up my RSS feed reader (what is RSS?) after my morning working session (along with the DC and Hacker News). Although my Feedly account currently has 300+ subscriptions, it’s not difficult to keep up with the content. I subscribe primarily to independent publishers who publish at maximum 4 or 5 articles a week. So as per the usual– I’m looking for more great blogs and online journeys to follow. I’m hoping that by sharing some of my favorites, and handful of you will be willing to share your favorite blogs in the comments.

Some of my friends just can’t seem to get over the fact that I don’t watch The Wire or go to the movies, but I’ve got a pretty serious book, blog, and podcast habit that I refuse to interfere with. I love blogs because you get to see ‘news’ happen on the ground. Why wait until Business Week picks up WP Curve’s story? Follow it as it unfolds. I also love interacting directly with publishers. Last week’s post (which I was a little worried about publishing, but no more after seeing the incredible responses) is a great example of this type of interaction– many of you, like me, have built a life and career around the people and projects we’ve found in the blogosphere.

So that brings me to today. Two and a half years ago, I put up a post outlining some of my favorite blog and podcasts. I’m going to update that list with some of my new found favorites, and I’ll also include a couple of old ones that have been really good lately.

A lot of TMBA favorites were intentionally left off the list (you know who you are) as I’ve been blogging for 5 years and mention folks all the time. So, ya know, all disclaimers– some of my very close friends and favorite blogs are left off of the list. I worked fast and pulled 60 URLs off the top of the pile.

I’ll focus here on the blogs that are somewhat TMBAish.

Anyway, the order is random too in the interest of time. Here goes…

  1. Ribbonfarm – philosophy. (ok, I put this first b/c it’s my favorite).
  2. Benny Lewis – Language learning, travel. 
  3. Chaotic FlowSaaS and retention mathematics. 
  4. Anthony Bourdain. Food, Adventure, Gasta. 
  5. Airline TrendsAirlines, travel. 
  6. Ask the Pilot – Ask a pilot (check out his book).
  7. Mark Cuban Watch a billionaire blog just like the rest of us.
  8. Derek Sivers – Philosopreneur. 
  9. Mr Money Mustache – Money badassery.
  10. J.A. KonrathSelf publishing.
  11. A Life Less BullshitPersonal change, productivity. 
  12. Empire Flippers – Build, buy, and sell websites.
  13. Almost FearlessTravel! 
  14. James Altucher – productivity, psychology.
  15. Ecommerce FuelEcommerce strategy. 
  16. Brad Feld – Startups.
  17. Both Sides of the Table – Startups, VC.
  18. Charlie Hoehn – Career strategy.
  19. Letters of Note – Letter porn, historical interest.
  20. Legal Nomads – Travel, food!
  21. Ben Green – fitness.
  22. Zen Habits – Original gansta blog (my first RSS sub).
  23. Tucker Max – Publishing, entrepreneurship.
  24. Viper Chill – Online marketing.
  25. Sebastian Marshall – daily rituals. 
  26. Marginal Revolutioneconomics, info porn. 
  27. Saigoneer – Vietnam news.
  28. Resilient Communities– Sustainable communities, development.
  29. Pedestrian Observationsdevelopment, transit systems.
  30. Kyle Le Viet Kieu expat in Vietnam.
  31. Ryan Carson – Front row seat to entrepreneurial / organizational innovation.
  32. Quantified Selfself monitoring.
  33. Roads and Kingdoms – travel.
  34. Cal Newport Career and effectiveness strategies.
  35. Ryan Holiday – writing, philosophy, productivity.
  36. Bryan Alexander – academia, technology.
  37. Yomadic – Travel.
  38. Finch Sells – Online marketing, paid traffic.
  39. Freedom Lovin’ – Location independence, five flags.
  40. Seth Godin You just must read it.
  41. Mark Manson – Relationships, philosophy, practical psychology.
  42. Kalzumeus – Bootstrapped software startups, email marketing.
  43. Nomadic Matt – travel.
  44. Paul Graham Essays.
  45. Randy’s BlogBoeing’s marketing arm.
  46. Sam Harrisphilosophy. 
  47. Steven Pressfield – Writing, publishing.
  48. Taylor Pearson Business systems and strategies.
  49. WP Curve – Front row seat to the year’s most exciting bootstrapped start-up.
  50. Travelfish on Indonesia – Thoughts on Bali and Indonesia.
  51. Mark’s Daily Apple Fitness, diet.
  52. Joel RunyonPersonal productivity. 
  53. Barbell Shrugged – Fitness.
  54. Spartan Traveler – Travel, lifestyle design.
  55. The Champs – Comedy.
  56. Smart Drugs Smarts – Productivity, brain health.
  57. Hardcore History – History.
  58. This Week in Statups – Startups.
  59. Nomadic Notes – Travel.
  60. Stop Having a Boring Life – Travel.

Ok, my fingers hurt. I’ll make a GCAL reminder to circle back in a year and revisit this list.

I’d love your suggestions! What would you suggest I check out? I’m looking forward to taking a weekend deep-dive into some new blogs.



Published on 07.09.14
  • I feel like Location 180 could be in there too. Awesome list – a bunch in there I wasn’t aware of, cheers!

  • Adrijus Guscia

    U no listens to Joe Rogan Experience podcast? Seriously one of the best talk shows online… I thought you did…

    For some self-publishing/publishing info I’d suggest reading K.K.Rusch’s blog about biz side of it, best blog hands down. Here is discoverability series which is really in-depth stuff about all kinds of things when publishing the book, traditional deals etc:

    She also has series about Estate planning, even tho it’s early, you might want to look at it for all your publishing things, not just writing books.

    Thanks for the list!

  • Why don’t you check out my friend Eric’s blog/podcast? He was the growth hacker behind Treehouse.

  • Wow what a list. I need to get better at reading I have no idea how you can read that much content. We are really stoked to be on the list, it means a lot thanks.

  • Cheers Glen absolutely I love Sean’s blog, been reading it since day 1 !!!!

  • Cheers Dan, as long as you keep writing man!!!!!

  • Hey John thanks for the tip!!!!! I’m on it.

  • haha I dip in for occasional guests, I find the quality and format really spotty… for example his interview with Kelly Starett was terrible and so on… thanks for the tip on the blog, I’m going to check it out now!

  • Ben Cameron

    Damn it Dan, I’m trying to thin my swollen blogroll now I’ve had to add half a dozen because of your list!

  • haha sorry Ben ! :D

  • Dude… I have been checking in here every now and then for a couple of years, and had no idea I was on this list. So thank you, you da man, I’m just visiting.

  • Adrijus Guscia

    Yeah, not all of them are great but I found the winners to be worth it!

    Forgot to mention Nathan Barry and his blog, he blogs about SaaS and self-publishing books. So he might be another option to consider:

  • too cool! James Clark told me about your site a few months back and it’s right up my alley, I love your posts. Keep crackin’!

  • ah yeah I have Nathan in my reader as well, super slick guy great posts. he just put up a podcast episode today!

  • Sweet list! Now I have more to read – I love James Altucher and his podcast, Mark Cuban’s stuff and Adam Carolla’s podcast is gold as well.

  • I love reading people’s consumption lists. I think there’s a lot of narrative fallacy when people try to explain how they got certain outcomes, I always want to see what the raw inputs were. I love to read/hear about the most influential books/blogs/podcasts at different moments in people’s lives and why.

  • Scott Britton’s new podcast (The Competitive Edge) is killin it with some great guests (maybe you can be next Dan!)

  • hey David thanks so much for the suggestion!

  • totally!!! :D

  • ACS has been on my phone since day 1 ! :D Thanks for reading :)

  • Rob Lloyd

    Thanks for the mention, feels good to be included with such great company.

  • cheers Rob you are a saint for blogging! keep rocking and great IG too

  • Honored to be a part of this list Dan! TMBA is still my favorite.

  • thanks Clayton love your blog!

  • ViperChill

    One word, Dan ;)

    Thanks for the mention! Hope all is well with the DC

  • Cheers Glen appreciate your articles always

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