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The story of the show…

Dan_Ian_PG2Every Thursday morning, 8AM EST, we do our best to produce a show that highlights the strategies and stories from entrepreneurs who are making the location independent lifestyle a reality.

In 2009, Ian (my business partner) and I decided to start sharing our business and travel experiences via a podcast, we called it the “Lifestyle Business Podcast” (it’s now called The Tropical MBA Podcast).

A lot of people have asked us why we started a podcast. Part of it is our love for radio when we were growing up. Radio kept us entertained at our after school and summer jobs. When we finally entered the “real world,” complete with 2+ hours of daily commuting time, it was podcasts that educated and inspired us.

Back when we were getting started in 2007, it was tough to find other people with similar mindsets in our city. Every entrepreneurial meet-up we went to seemed to be filled with a bunch of  real estate agents tossing out business cards.

A lot of things have gone down since we started the show– it hasn’t all been roses. You can hear a lot of our entrepreneurial successes and missteps if you care to download the archive someday. Hopefully hearing our mistakes will help you avoid a few of your own.

Our listeners tend to be highly mobile entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time meeting up with like minds.

Since 2009, our podcasts have been downloaded well over a million times.

We are proud to have received over 500 5-star iTunes reviews from listeners:

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Who else is listening to the our show?

Matt Bellemare, founder of taketake

As an entrepreneur who has relocated to Asia for 5 years now, I’m still learning new things and look forward to each new episode. It’s smart, full of energy and you’ll find practical information in each episodes. My head is flying high listening to the show – spinning with new ideas each week.

Tommy Schultz. Tommy lives in Bali and is an entrepreneur and photographer. Check out Tommy’s sweet underwater photography on his website.

If you’ve ever said ‘I could never start my own business and live abroad’, the LBP is for you.

In every episode, Dan and Ian share both their successes and failures, letting you see firsthand what the day-to-day running of a location independent business looks like. It’s almost like sitting in the room with them while they’re working out the challenges of building their business in the Philippines, San Diego, Bali, or Thailand.

You’re sure to pick up real-world solutions to problems you’re facing in your own business and also get inspired to take what you’ve learned and use it to create an ideal business (and lifestyle) for yourself.

Rob Walling, Startups for the Rest of Us and Software by Rob

Dan and Ian are authentic. They tell it like it is, even when talking about mistakes that have cost them thousands.

This is the #1 reason they are consistently in the short list of podcasts I’m most excited to listen to.

Rob, Jet Set Life Tv and Jet Set Money

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to take a sec and let you know how much I enjoy your podcast. In each show I’m not only entertained but I’m inspired by you two who are actually walking the walk.

There are a lot of people who read the “Four Hour Work Week” and talk a good game about lifestyle design….but you two are actually LIVING IT.

Thanks for being an inspiration and bringing a smile to my face each week. You info is invaluable to me.

Srinivas Rao is a digital nomad in progress. He turns surf sessions into life lessons at The Skool of Life, is the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM, and the editor in chief of theFlightster Travel Blog.

Dan and Ian are truly amazing. As a podcaster myself I’m quite discerning about what I’ll listen to. These guys pack every episode with insane amounts of value, and they are entertaining as hell to listen to. If you’re intent on getting on the path to Lifestyle Design and Lifestlye-Centric businesses, this should be on your list of things you listen to regularly.

Sean Ogle is a location independent entrepreneur and blogs at Location 180.

I’ve been listening to the podcast since it’s inception, and I’ve had the chance to work closer than most with Dan and Ian. These guys are the real deal, and are seeing more success in their business ventures than just about anyone I know. The combination of credibility, applicable information, and entertainment just can’t be beat. Hands down my favorite podcast.

Pat Flynn, online entrepreneur and blogger. Pat writes at Smart Passive Income.

As a blogger and podcaster myself, I have a high standard when it comes to the podcasts… Dan and Ian are extremely engaging and very easy to listen to, and the show is always full of great information and it’s always fun to listen to as well. It’s definitely one of my top recommended podcasts.

Adam Weitz. Check out Adam’s corporate design company, New Harbor Design.

I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and it gets better and better every time. Even if you aren’t interested in being location independent or outsourcing your business you’ll find their episodes inspiring as a business owner. These guys are transparent and don’t put up a front and don’t try to sell you a thing. They don’t have all the answers but they value getting in the game and working hard. I’ll take that over some guru any day.

There are only a few resources that I go back to when I feel stuck or bummed about the growth of my business and this is one of them. No joke, even if I’m not interested in the particular topic they focus an episode around, my mind usually starts cranking by the end of it. If you need something to inspire or inform you or even spark your entrepreneurial creativity, then subscribe. It’s my secret weapon against the dark, lonely path that comes from being a business owner.

I’ll listen as long as they keep making them.

Josh Crocker from Taking Fun Seriously

After paying for business information for a year and a half in another industry, I still can’t believe that Dan and Ian do this for FREE! Not only is it the absolutely very BEST info I’ve heard concerning modern day (as in…. right now!) business, but it’s still FREE. Holy cow!

I too am one of the many fans who checks back to iTunes and to their website to see if they’ve posted a new podcast, adn almost get antsy when time between podcasts has gone “too” long (who am I to determine “too long” they’re still giving this stuff away for free!)

Many in the business education world can learn a lot from these two gentlemen. By the end of this season, I will have learned more about PRACTICAL entrepreneurship than many of my younger friends who are pursuing business degrees at major universities (except I won’t be tens of thousands of dollars in debt)!

Simply put, bravo gentlemen. Keep up the great work!

Joel Runyon from the Blog of Impossible Things

Short Story: Dan & Ian Rock.

Each episode is packed with good info that’s easy to listen to. They’re practical, funny and actually interact with their listeners. Each podcast feels less like a podcast and more like a party that Ian & Dan are hosting. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. You won’t be disappointed.

David Crandall

My favorite podcast.

I’m sure few people will believe me when I say that one of the first things I do in the morning is roll over and see if Dan and Ian have posted a new podcast for me to listen to on my drive to work. In fact, I check every morning before even getting out of bed. I know it typically only comes once a week, but hey, I can hope… right?

I continue to be amazed out how much knowledge and information comes from these two men. They’re actually DOING business, not just theorizing about it or speculating what “might” work. Their knowledge and what they say has already been tested by THEM before it gets to us. If only more information was held to such standards!

And not only are they crazy smart, they’re just plain enjoyable to listen to. You can tell there is a great friendship and working relationship between the two guys just baed on how they interact. I love it! I love finding something that is not only smart and tested, but shows how enjoyable work can truly be.

I continually recommend this podcast to people looking to escape theri desk. ABSOLUTELY my favorite podcast!!! These guys rock so hard, you face will fall off.

PS, if you ever release more than one podcast in one week, I’m going to pretend it is just for me. :)

Larry Clark from NicheThinkTank.

I’ve recently met Dan Andrews and even interviewed him. He and Ian are the real deal.

The podcast is entertaining and informative at the same time. No Fluff like some Podcasts I have listeed to that have 30 minutes of fluffing and maybe 10 minutes of tips and real info

These guys are all content and are great. If you haven’t listened to them, you are leaving money on the table. I tell everyone I talk to about business to listen to you guys. Keep up the good work.

Cody McKibben from ThrillingHeroics

“Anyone who wants to live the dream & have a rockin’ biz, @TropicalMBA & @AnythingIan’s podcast is the f***ing BEST. Get ON it.”

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