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The story of the show…

Dan_Ian_PG2Every Thursday morning, 8AM EST, we do our best to produce a show that highlights the strategies and stories from entrepreneurs who are making the location independent lifestyle a reality.

In 2009, Ian (my business partner) and I decided to start sharing our business and travel experiences via a podcast, we called it the “Lifestyle Business Podcast” (it’s now called The Tropical MBA Podcast).

A lot of people have asked us why we started a podcast. Part of it is our love for radio when we were growing up. Radio kept us entertained at our after school and summer jobs. When we finally entered the “real world,” complete with 2+ hours of daily commuting time, it was podcasts that educated and inspired us.

Back when we were getting started in 2007, it was tough to find other people with similar mindsets in our city. Every entrepreneurial meet-up we went to seemed to be filled with a bunch of  real estate agents tossing out business cards.

A lot of things have gone down since we started the show– it hasn’t all been roses. You can hear a lot of our entrepreneurial successes and missteps if you care to download the archive someday. Hopefully hearing our mistakes will help you avoid a few of your own.

Our listeners tend to be highly mobile entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time meeting up with like minds.

Since 2009, our podcasts have been downloaded well over a million times.

We are proud to have received over 500 5-star iTunes reviews from listeners:

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