(New) – Live In A Resort For Free For 6 Months

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***This opportunity is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who sent an application in! ***

A handful of people have questioned why we still bother to do these Philippines resort gigs. It’s not like this is a big business opportunity for us.

To be honest, I think giving somebody the opportunity to win back their time for half a year is such a life-changer that it’s worth a blog post. We are in a unique position with Sean, the resort owner. I trust him and it’s a win win.

Secondly, it’s really worked out.

So far, 6 brave souls have come out to this quiet little paradise. The first runs his own business in Saigon (and just launched his first product). The second used it as an opportunity to get out of high end corporate sales and launched a business that has a 6 figure + run rate. The third has written auto-responders for some of the biggest names in internet marketing. The fourth launched a kick-ass podcast editing service, has hired employees, and is currently surfing in Costa Rica. The fifth gave up a corporate writing gig in Hollywood, used the opportunity to jump-start his consultancy, and I just saw him at our Junto in February in Vietnam where we swapped travel plans. The sixth (Jurgen Dhaese) is building his consulting income streams and heading to Saigon to join the growing and vibrant scene of internet marketers there.

So is it worth a blog post to build out this small network and to see what the 7th candidate can make of it? You betcha.

On our podcast we talk a lot about how the currencies of time, income, and mobility work together as a system. You can often sacrifice one currency to gain another.

Given the option, which currency would you optimize for?

I’m not shy about wanting to become wealthy, or travel around the world, but for me it was always time that was the most appealing. I believed if I had the time to read the books, to apply the concepts, to build something from scratch, I would be okay.

This is an opportunity for somebody looking to maximize their time.

I can promise you this– on this lonely little island in the Philippines archipelago, you’ll have a lot of it.

If you have a friend who would love to spend a few quiet months in a resort in the Philippines, I would appreciate you forwarding this post to them. Thank you!


Over the past few years, my good friend Sean has graciously hosted 6 online marketers at his Badladz resorts in Puerto Galera, Philippines. If you are interested in how this works, you must listen to this podcast interview with him. The last guy has been here almost five months (and will continue to stay on through the beginning of April.) Just like the interns who preceded him, he has managed to turn months of zero cost living into a way to bootstrap his own location independent lifestyle.

There is hardly a better spot on the planet to baseline your expenses, relax, and focus on your work. Perhaps you’ve got a few bucks saved up, an internet business already started, or maybe you just want to chill out on a tropical island for a few months and write a novel.

You’ll be treated like a VIP by Mylene and the friendly staff at Badladz. Included in the deal is a free room at either of the Badladz Resorts, 3 full meals per day, free laundry service, and free use of the Badladz motor scooters.

Just imagine how creative you can be without any distractions– no cooking, cleaning, laundry, commute, shopping, bills, or odd jobs. You’ll be (quite literally) waited on every day.

What’s the catch? Well it’s not all fun and games— you’ll be expected to move one marketing initiative forward for the resort on a daily basis. That could be posting a new blog post, updating the design of the website, building some links, or re-evaluating a deal with an affiliate partner. The basic expectation is to put in 2 hours of productive work daily (task completion, shipping projects, and creating results). We care more about moving the marketing agenda forward and clear reporting on current projects than tracking time. To make this work well a good attitude and excellent reporting capabilities are a must.

We are looking for helpful team players, willing to integrate into the business and be part of the Badladz crew. Everyone in Puerto Galera will get to know you and you’ll become part of the family here.

Here’s Jeff, the guy who spent a good chunk of 2013 here:

You will manage the following processes:

  • General tech support around the resorts.
  • Regularly update marketing for websites.
  • Continue ongoing marketing campaigns.
  • Maintain existing booking agencies and implement new ones (Agoda and similar).
  • Update social media sites continually.
  • Work on Sean’s YouTube channel, Badladz, Badladz dive shop, among other evolving projects and businesses.

General expectations:

  • You are results focused.
  • You’ve got no problem with tech and marketing stuff– WordPress, content marketing, social media, SEO, Aweber, affiliate programs and all the rest.
  • You have excellent WordPress skills. The whole business runs on WordPress, so we are looking for people with a demonstrated track record with the platform.
  • You are excellent with computers in general.
  • You know functional SEO for websites and YouTube videos (Sean’s videos have over 1 Million views!)
  • The Philippines is a crazy developing country, candidates will do well to address the “fit” issue and let us know why they are drawn to live on a remote island in the Philippines (or show some kind of experience or drive to do so).

Some things to consider:

  • Although they’ve got a kick-ass restaurant, pool, and world-class view, the accommodations at the resort are very small and basic. If you aren’t used to living in “traveler” level accommodations, this isn’t the place for you to stay.
  • People who love Puerto Galera love it for its “wild west” vibe. Quiet beaches that on other islands would have 5-star resorts, weird dudes in quiet salons drinking at 10AM, locals hanging around haggling you for trike rides, etc. Successful candidates in the past have demonstrated that they are not only prepared for the craziness that is the Philippines, but that they appreciate it.
  • Sean will be around quite a bit, DCers and other interesting folks pop in occasionally, and I am available by email but I’m not often on location. The reality of this position is that most of the time you are going to be the only internet marketer on the island. I don’t want to give the impression that there will be like-minded entrepreneurs popping out of the wood work on a weekly basis. That said, I think that all the previous candidates would agree that they’ve had significant networking opportunities as a direct result of this gig, it just isn’t a daily thing, and often happens online.
  • More here: “How to Get Your Dream Job”

Some words from previous people who had this position:

From Jeff Parke:

“This is one of the best opportunities in the location independent entrepreneurial universe.  

This is not an exaggeration, the day I applied to the TMBA internship was one of the most important days of my life.  Soon I was hopping a flight to the other side of the planet and accelerating toward the lifestyle I’d been clawing after.

The beauty of this internship is that you have an unbelievable amount of time on your hands to do whatever-the-hell-you-want.  For me that has been tapping away on the laptop, making new connections, and bootstrapping an online biznass.  Back in the States, I tried to make it happen on nights and weekends as I suffered through the corporate day-job grind.  

Here, you can truly reclaim your time and energy, and use it to wrangle whatever you’re dreaming up.   

Speaking of dreaming, I still have to pinch myself sometimes as I look up from my laptop and gaze out at the turquoise waters and green islands in the distance.

Mylene, Sean, and the staff at Badladz are all really great people and will take care of just about anything you need.  I’ve had a ton of fun here and recommend it to anyone who wants to take their business/lifestyle to the next level.”

Ben Comment


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  • The compensation for this job is free room, 3 daily meals (delicious!), laundry, and motorbike use for 6 months.
  • Application deadline is midnight, Hong Kong timezone, Saturday March 8th.
  • We’ll make our decision the following week.
  • We’d love it if you were able to start full-time on the ground in the Philippines by March 24th to spend time learning from Jurgen, but we’re willing to work with your schedule.
  • The deal extends for 6 months.

Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Record a 1:00 video of yourself. Tell us why you’d be a great fit for Sean’s resort. Set the video as “unlisted” and grab the URL.
  2. Fill out this form, and be sure to have your YouTube (or other video sharing service) link handy.
  3. There is an optional field on the form to link to a website that shows other work you’ve done. This is not required.
  4. That’s it!

If you have any questions about the offer above, please ask them in the comments so I can answer them for everyone’s benefit.




PS, if you want to make sure to be notified of job positions like this in the future, please put your email address into the form below:

Published on 02.28.14
  • Do you know what’s better than being stuck in an office?

    Working on a tropical island and doing whatever the hell you want.

    That’s what you’ll get when you apply for this gig.

    Just before I got here, I was traveling, but wasn’t enjoying myself, because I was too damn busy. I was stressed out, constantly worrying about money, and struggling to make ends meet.

    All that disappeared when I got here.

    Here, you’ll have all the time in the world.

    Besides spending a few hours each week on doing the marketing for the resort, you can do whatever the hell you want.

    Work on building your own business. Lounge around and enjoy the sun. Discover the island. Go out and party. Or just rest and relax. You’ll have all the peace and quiet to focus on whatever you choose.

    The work you’ll do for the resort covers most of the fundamentals you’ll need for your own business. You’ll learn how to build websites, do content marketing and attract new customers. YouTube becomes your intimate friend. WordPress will hold no secrets for you.

    What’s even better is that you’ll also get access to a bunch of cool entrepreneurs. This gig is a perfect chance to plug yourself into a worldwide community of digital nomads, primarily based in South-East Asia. You’ll become part of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs – one of the guys.

    That in itself is valuable enough.

    And you’ll be in tropical paradise while you’re doing it.

    I love this place.

    The weather is great. The beaches and islands are beautiful. And the sunsets and brightly lit starry skies are a sight you’ll remember forever.

    You’ll get to discover the Philippines, experience a different culture, and taste the freedom of traveling.

    You’ll have no care in the world. Your room, food and laundry are taken care of. And Maylen, Sean and the staff at Badladz will make sure you’ll feel right at home. You’ll feel like part of the family – and that feels damn good.

    I learned a ton here. I had a blast. And I met some amazing people.

    This is the perfect way to ease yourself into the digital nomad lifestyle. You’ll learn a ton of valuable skills, and have the time start an online business that will support your lifestyle of choice, without any pressure.

    I’ve got to be honest – this gig might not be for everyone. It gets quiet here. It’s not your typical 9-to-5 with a boss telling you what to do. So if that’s what you’re looking for – don’t apply.

    But if you’re the type of person who just needs a chance to get started, than this is the perfect opportunity for you.

    Are you ready for freedom?

  • Jeroen

    Wow, great opportunity, Philippines is a great country, im coming there for almost 10 years, and ive been working online from the Philippines as well..its a way of living..

    P.s Puerto Galera is a great place on the island of mindoro, been there manytimes..

  • The dream job for anyone who is young, free and single!

  • Dan

    Sweet! Thanks Jereon for the encouragement. Philippines is a beautiful country !

  • Dan

    yeah buddy thanks Adam! :)

  • Dan

    thanks Jurgen it’s been so good to have you here!

  • Jeroen

    Your welcome, i’ll be back in Philippines and as well in Puerto Galera in May

  • Dan

    yeah absolutely! check in with the new intern and say hi to Sean and Mylene…

  • Dan,

    Thanks for the shout. Applying for this position almost 4 years ago was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    This is the ideal launchpad for anyone wanting to become location independent.


  • Dan

    So nice to hear your support David and so many wonderful memories hanging together at the resort ! You were the perfect guy to launch this whole thing with.

  • Safe to say this gig changed my life.

    The runway it afforded me allowed me to figure out how to build my own online business. That was almost 3 years ago and funnily enough I am hanging out at Badladz right now catching up with the crew here. PG is a great little spot.

    It is a great opportunity if you are looking for an easy way to transition into this location independent online entrepreneur scene.

    Thanks Sean, Dan, & Ian for the leg up. Next SMB is on me.

  • Dan

    cheers Damian appreciate the kind words!!! amazing the difference a few years can make!

  • Neel

    Hey Dan,

    What skills are needed for someone to properly do all the marketing tasks needed? I’m not an SEO genius and can only build a basic website, but I’m willing to learn whatever skills are needed in the next few months so I can apply during the next round when I’m more qualified (if, hopefully, there is one).


  • Dan

    Things like email marketing, blog marketing, building relationships with other travel websites, etc. We prefer candidates who bring ideas to the table about how to improve the marketing efforts.

  • Neel

    got it, thanks!

  • Grant Weherley

    Hi Dan – this sounds like quite the amazing adventure!

    One quick question: deadline of midnight on Saturday – does this mean midnight Friday night, or as in midnight at the end of Saturday? Just found out about this 30 minutes ago and want to make sure I fully utilize time available to make a great application :)

    Appreciate the clarification,

  • Dan

    Application deadline is midnight, Hong Kong timezone, Saturday March 8th.
    I’m not sure how to clarify further?

  • Grant Weherley

    I’ve found that many applications state midnight of a day when they really mean midnight of the next day (since midnight is the beginning of the next day) so I always double check.

    To clarify: a minute before the deadline will it be 11:59pm on Friday or Saturday?

    Thanks Dan.

  • Dan

    Interesting point, perhaps we should write these in military times? Like 24:00 Saturday night?

    Saturday to answer your question.

    End of day Saturday Hong Kong time. We’ll spend Sunday our time reviewing the applications.

  • Philippe

    Could we apply as a couple ? (fresh nomads, marketer speaking french and graphic designer speaking thai and french).

  • Grant Weherley

    I think the clearest way is setting deadline at 11:59pm to avoid confusion (that’s why applications do this sometimes)

    Because the deadline you are really intending either way is actually midnight or 24:00 on Sunday (even though it’s at the end of the day of Saturday). Whereas the way it is stated technically refers to midnight at the end of Friday (the first minute of saturday). There’s two midnights in a day, but only one 11:59pm :-)

    Thanks for the clarification


  • Dan

    Makes sense we’ll update that in the future, appreciate the insight!

  • Dan

    hey Philippe, my sense is that by and large this is not a good situation for a couple (for compensation and lodging standards reasons). If you can think of reasons why we are wrong about that of course happy to hear about them in an application, but we’ve always envisioned this as more interesting for a single person even for simple things like we are offering one set of meals daily, so what would your partner eat etc? (there aren’t kitchens in the rooms)…

  • Philippe

    The idea was offering the work of two person, sharing the room and getting two meals ;)

    Thank you for the quick feedback !

  • Grant Weherley

    No problem glad it was helpful!

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