TMBA 680: Mailbag: Permission vs Forgiveness, B2B vs B2C, And ‘The SOP Question’

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On this week’s show Dan and Ian respond to some listener comments and questions including non-competes and potential conflicts of interest with your current employer when you’re thinking of starting an entrepreneurial side-hustle:

“You’ve got to understand that, hey, there’s three lawyers sitting in that office down there. If I take this vulnerable idea to them they’re gonna say, ‘No’. I am not going to allow my life to be affected by a Mall Cop, or whatever .. when we say risk in entrepreneurship, it’s the emotional risk of owning that and not asking for permission”.

They also give their takes on the rewards of creating B2B versus B2C business, and why SOPs haven’t been mentioned on the show for quite some time.

Listen and Learn:

  • Side Hustle: Should you seek Permission or Forgiveness from an employer?
  • Definitions of ‘entrepreneurial risk’
  • Is there a deficit of coaching in key business areas
  • When and where are SOPs critical?

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