TMBA 682: Revisiting Some of Our Favorite Moments from 2022

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2022 has been the year that we all got on the road again. Dan and Ian spent the summer in Barcelona, Spain and hundreds of members of the Dynamite Circle met up to forge new friendships and partnerships, socialize, swap stories and strategies, and a whole lot more.

Through it all, we have been fortunate to talk to some incredibly captivating entrepreneurs on this podcast. In today’s episode, we are revisiting some of our favorite moments and themes from the podcast this year, including thoughts about investing, the challenges of systemizing your business and motivating a team, what bootstrappers can learn from private equity firms (and vice versa), thoughts about the ‘anti-work movement’ and the amazing opportunities offered by places with a lower cost of living than the West but equally great resources.

Listen and learn:

  • Why so few people writing about investing have finance backgrounds
  • How hiring an operations manager averted a team meltdown
  • Creating systems within a failing company
  • Alignment and non-alignment between lifestyle business owners and the anti-work movement

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